What Is an Air Purifier Used For?

An air purifier is a device that circulates room air and cleans it via filtering out any pollutants or particulates as well as getting rid of odors and chemicals in the air. Depending on the model, an air purifier can help people with allergies since they get rid of the things in the air that cause those allergies. Some of the main things an air purifier is used for includes:

Getting rid of bad odors

Bad odors are caused by molecules from the offending substance, i.e. garbage, being released into the surrounding air. Even some good odors can become overwhelming like cooking odors from fish, spicy food or meats. Chemicals can also be released from things like cleaning compounds. An air purifier has a filter that helps remove all these bad odors via activated carbon in their filter or other types of filters, dependent on the kind of air purifier.

Reducing or relieving an allergy

This is a very popular reason many people get an air purifier. They have an allergy to things like dust, dirt, pet danger, etc. These particulates can cause things like asthma, or sneezing, etc. Allergens of various types cause problems and air purifiers make life easier for these people since they take out those allergens from the air. Common allergens the air purifier removes are things like dust mites, pollen from plants, pet dander, dust, chemicals, etc. Some use a special filter called a HEPA filter to remove them.

What Is an Air Purifier Used For

Getting rid of smoke

Air purifiers can also be used to get rid of smoke in the air. Things like secondhand smoke from cigarettes is very bad for you, and particles from the smoke linger in the air and cause health problems. If the air purifier has the HEPA or a carbon activated filter, it can be used to get rid of smoke particles.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filter out extremely small particles. They are made of very tiny threads of fiberglass smaller than one strand of hair, and the filters are pleated to capture the particulates and pollutants. Be sure to buy one with a high rating for best results.

Getting rid of dust

Another big issue air purifiers can help with is getting rid of dusk particles in the air. This comes from many kinds of pollutants like heating/cooling systems, dirt, fabrics, etc. Since the air purifier cycles the air in the room, it can filter out this dust. It traps the dust onto a filter and you either change the filter when dirty or in some models you wash it off and put it back into the air purifier.

Getting rid of pet odor and dander

This is a huge issue that happens in any home with pets. If you buy an air purifier, it can lessen this issue by a great deal. The air purifier will help with pet issues like hair, odor, dander, dirt, an skin oils on the pets. Be sure to buy an air purifier rated for dealing with pet issues for best results.

Air purifiers are great things to have, especially if you have any type of allergies. They are not a cure-all for removing 100 percent of these things, but many are rated up to 99 percent. As long as you keep the filters clean or replace regularly, these air purifiers will help to keep the air in your home clean and free of various pollutants, particulates and other items as discussed previously. You can up your chances by getting an air purifier with a HEPA style of filter.

So if you want cleaner air so you can breathe easier, consider buying an air purifier today.

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