Best Air Purifier For Large Space and Room Reviews

The air in your home is filled with dust, allergens, cooking and other odors as well as pollen and possible mold spores then purifying the air in your home can leave your home feeling fresher and cleaner and result in benefits for your health.

If you have a large open space room in your home, then a small air purifier simply won’t clear the air nor give you the results that you want. Choosing a high capacity air purifiers is the only way to purify the air in a larger room.

Best large room air purifier

Different air purifiers offer different features that automatic sensors that monitor the air quality of your room, various fan speeds that allows you to set the fan to draw in air at the speed that you need for your comfort. Different air purifiers also have different types of filters, making it essential that you shop for those features you want and need for your room.

There are large room air purifiers that are designed to purify the air in rooms anywhere in size from 800 square feet to 2000 square feet. Here is a look at some of the highest quality large room air purifiers on the market today.

What to Look for When Buying a Large Room Air Purifier

Air purifiers use four primary kinds of cleaning technology; mechanical filtering, electrostatic air cleaners, ion generators, and there are hybrid systems that combine different technologies. Each system works differently but it has the same goal; cleaning air by eliminating particles caused by smoking, fumes, pollution, pollen, dust, allergens, and other airborne irritants.

The ACH Rate – also known as the Air Change Per Hour rate – indicates how often the air purifier cleans the air in a room across an hour. A rating of 2ACH would mean the air is cleaned once every half hour, while a 4 ACH rating means the air is cleaned once every 15 minutes. The highest possible ACH rating is six.

The size of a room is an important consideration, especially when choosing a large air filter. The larger the filter is, the more room it can cover. It’s worth measuring the size of the room in question and finding a filter that is designed to work with a room that size. Larger air filters are more expensive. You don’t want to be paying for something that you don’t need.

Best Air Purifiers For Large Room

Biozone Air Purifier - 2000 sq. ft.

Constructed with practicality in mind, Biozone does very little to show off curves and shapes with this large space air purifier. The device comes clad in a fresh white plastic outlook, the Biozone Air Purifier spans 10.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches in dimensions for 5lbs of weight. Towards the top is a sizeable indicator and control panel while a wide array of perforated air spaces lies below.

Straight into performance, the Biozone Air purifier itself delivers powerful air cleaning function that spans up to 2000 square feet. The unit is accompanied by a remote to enhance control and allows seamless regulation from distance, especially when you have the unit stationed in a position that is rather difficult to reach. The Biozone air purifier for large space is designed to function by producing plasma; a combination of some percentages of ozone with a mix of ions as well as a UV lamp or bulb that produces light. The system of performance is well innovative as the purifying photo plasma enters the room, oxidizes and rids the air of pollutants as it works along with the ozone.

The unit works in line with the HEPA air purification and is excellent for removing odors, impurities, contaminants, dust and dirt. Equipping your home with one of these units efficiently amplifies the purity of your home, breaks down volatile organic compounds and destroys the reproductive capability of the microorganisms. The Biozone Air purifier is also great at preventing respiratory problems because of its pollen and dust-removing properties. The unit is very through in its performance, and even rids the space of cigarette smokes that have sunk into carpets, walls or couches. As fantastic as the performance of the Biozone air purifier unit is, the only drawback yet remains in the application of ozone in its functioning as they are only safe for use in smaller amounts. Although the unit produces ozone in only small amounts, the long-term effects of products like this cannot be ascertained as at now.



Austin Air B400B1 Healthmate - 1500 sq. ft.

The Austin Air B400B1 Standard Unit Healthmate Air Purifier offers a lot of competitive features to put it in the running for a professional-grade option for the home, with streamlined features and enhance capacity.

Dust, pollen and smoke will be a thing of the past with this purifier in use. It effectively sucks in and traps these damaging particles and keeps them out of the breathing air in living areas. This is also powerful for taking chemicals, gases, and even viruses and colds out of the air. Perfect for those who are health-conscious as well as particle-conscious.

Able to purify the air of up to 1500 square feet at a time, this is intended for both traditional and modern homes who need clean and contaminant-free air. The design of this purifier is also heavy-duty. It’s specifically designed and tested to last for years, providing low energy output and high quality trapping of all of the nasties waiting in the air. Where a lot of the other options offer exciting features and design, this stays simplistic and simply does what it says it will do. There’s something to be said for a machine that is upfront about that.

On that note, this doesn’t have a lot of room of customization. It has three intensity levels: low, medium and high. When used on high, customers find that it is a little noisier than intended. When on medium, it acts as a comforting white noise. On the low setting, many customers found that it was no longer effective in those homes which had a lot of odours. For those high-odour homes, then, it’s recommended that the medium or high setting is used constantly.



AIRMEGA 300S Air Purifier - 1200 sq. ft.

The AirMega 300S is one of the best HEPA air purifier for large room with App enable that is billed with being compatible with Alexa. It is enabled for use with iOS systems and Androids. This air purifier is designed for larger rooms or areas and will purify the air for 1256 square feet making it ideal for those who have larger rooms or wish to purify the air in more than one room with one appliance.

This air purifier has both a Smart and Eco mode. This air purifier when app enabled controls speed, has an indoor and outdoor air monitor and a scheduler.

Designed for every day use the AirMega 300S has a filter Life time indicator that tells you when your filters need to be replaced. It comes with a washable pre-filter and Max 2 filter set 1 filter is a carbon filter and the other is a Green True HEPA filter.

There is an LED ring that tells you if your air is resh and healthy or not 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In smart mode this air purifier will automatically adjust the air filteration speed to keep the air fresh and pure. In Eco mode if the air quailty of your home remains good for 10 minutes of more then the fan automatically shuts down and then restarts when the air purifiers sensors detects pollution in the air.

The AirMega 300S also has light sensor detects when darkness falls will automatically reduce the fan’s speed so that the air purifier works quietly and doesn’t disturb your sleep.

This air purifier removes up to 90% of the VOCs and odors in your air. The white color of this air purifier makes it perfect for both the home or office.



Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier - 1100 sq. ft.

The BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier comes with a stellar reputation, being widely viewed as one of the best HEPA air purifiers on the market today. As part of the Basic SmartBundle Classic, buyers enjoy the BreatheSmart Classic purifier along with two replacement filters, making it a great go-to purchase for first-time buyer.

A type of HEPA air purifier, the BreatheSmart works diligently to remove all impurities, allergens, and pollutants from around your home or workplace. HEPA filters are some of the best at purifying air, capturing a wide range of pollutants in their particle filters, including pollen, dust, animal dander, mould, mites, and cigarette smoke.

BreatheSmart Classic’s filters are as good as any on the market. They are very effective at purifying the air and you can expect to get a good six months of frequent use from a single filter.

Those using the purifier less frequently won’t need to change the BreathSmart Classic’s filters as often as this, but the Smart Filter Change Indicator means you don’t need to use guesswork to know when to change it.

Four speed settings are available, allowing the BreatheSmart Classic to operate at a speed that suits your requirements. The higher settings make it a great option for larger rooms, working in spaces of up to 1,100 sq ft, while the lower settings allow the BreatheSmart Classic to be used in a bedroom or office without being too noisy.

In fact, the BreatheSmart air purifier large area is designed to make sleeping easier. Except to enjoy a restful sleep thanks to the white, pink, and red noises generated from the unit. These are designed to mask disruptive sounds produced from the air purifier, meaning you shouldn’t ever be woken by the BreatheSmart Classic.

As mentioned, there are two replacement HEPA filters included with the purchase. This is ideal as it ensures even more value for money, as you likely won’t need to buy a replacement filter for a year or longer.

Furthermore, Alen is so confident in the quality of their product that they are offering a lifetime guarantee for the BreatheSmart Classic This is certainly impressive, as there are no other air purifiers in the market that come with such a guarantee, so you’ll be getting good value for your purchase.

All in all, the BreatheSmart Classic is one of the best HEPA air purifiers available. Powerful enough to provide coverage in the largest living spaces, the unit offers exceptional performance removing allergens, pollutants and odours from the air, while two replacement filters and a lifetime guarantee ensures value for money.



Green Air Encore HEPA Air Purifier - 1000 sq. ft.

Green Air Encore is considered one of the best performing air purifiers on the market. During the first filtration stage, the air gets passed through a washable mesh where impurities as small as 0.28mm are eliminated. During the second filtration stage, the air is passed through an activated carbon filter which removes things like odors and smoke based particles. During the third filtration stage, the air gets passed through a HEPA filter which eliminates impurities like pet dander, pollen, and mold spores, as small as 0.3 microns.

In terms of specifications, the noise level is listed at 23dB, has a low energy consumption of 120V at 60Hz, and has four fan speeds available. The control panel that you see on the top of the unit is electronic, and it comes with three filter types; true HEPA, activated carbon, and a mesh pre-filter. The only downside is that there is no timing function.

Although it only comes in a single color option, the actual design of the unit is very modern with rounded and smooth corners and a flat base. It will fit in with the majority of home decor and it won’t take up a large amount of space, thus being quite versatile in where it is placed in the home. It is portable in that it can be moved around from one room to another as you see fit. Due to the fact that the control panel has a single button that allows you to control the power and the fan speed, the entire design is minimalist and easy to operate. One of the huge positives of the design is that it has a color changing light that lets you know what the air quality of the room is.

Green Air Encore air purifier large space comes with an auto mode which will keep your indoor environment clean as it can detect the quality of the air by itself and will adjust its own fan speed accordingly. It also comes with four operating modes, those being night time, silent, fan mode and automatic. This allows you to customize how you want the air purifier to run based on your preferences throughout the day.



Air Doctor 4-in-1 UltraHEPA Air Purifier - 900 sq. ft.

The Air Doctor 4-in-1 Air purifier is designed to improve the air quality of any room that is 900 square feet or less. Its realitively small size and white color allows it to fit to in different rooms despite the décor. It can be used in a nursery or bedroom, office space, waiting room, bathroom or kitchen functioning well in each and every room.

With a CADR rating of 373 this air purifier for large room can remove 99.95% of pollutants from the air of a given room. Changing the air up to 3 times per hour. Including removing VOCs from burned candles, paint, building materials, hair spray, cleaning products, carpeting, and much more. Other pollutants it removes may include pollen, dust and dust mites, pet hair and dander, mold spores, cigarette and cigar smoke, cooking odors, viruses, germs and bacteria.

The Air Doctor 4-in-1 has several useful features including the fact that the entire air purifying system is completely sealed. It has an auto adjuster filtration that raises or lowers the fan speed depending on the amount of pollutants in your air or you can manually adjust this air purifier choosing between 4 filtration options.

There is also a sleep timer so you can change the filter alert to the whisper jet fans so that the air purifer is quieter at night.

The Air Doctor air purifier large room has a 3 stage filtration system which includes a washable pre-filter that removes larger pollutants before they ever reach the filters themselves. Then there is a dual action carbon/ gas trap filter and finally an UltraHEPA filter.

The entire air purifier weighs only 18 pounds so you can move it from room to room and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty. It also has a filter change indicator light.



Alexapure 3049 Breeze Energy - 800 sq. ft.

The Alexapure Breeze 2049, with dimensions measuring 7 x 13.5 x 21.5 inches, packs a punch in terms of features given its size and weight (just over 12 pounds). It covers an impressive 800 feet of room distance and purifies the space with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 315 m3 per hour. This large air purifier houses four screens that clean and refresh as the air passes through it. The first is the pre-filter (which is washable). The true HEPA filter (removes 99.97 % of pollutants that are 0.3 microns in size), a Carbon activated screen and finally, the filter that uses IonCluster technology to trap harmful particles passing through it. It has an automatic mode that can detect the quality of air around it and switch between fan speeds depending on which speed is suitable for the room. An indicator flashes a red light that signifies contaminated air and changes colors as the air gets purified until it glows blue (the signal that the air is clean). The noise levels are acceptable, with the highest setting clocking in at 50 decibels (close to the noise level that your average refrigerator would make).



Oransi Max HEPA - 600 sq. ft.

The Oransi Max Hepa has been designed to be a comprehensive air cleaner that can be used in a variety of rooms around the house. The dimensions of the machine measure 17″ x 22″ x 8″, and it weighs 18 and a half pounds. The purification system is meant to handle not just dust and dander, but also tiny particles that induce allergies and asthma reactions. It uses the basic three-filter process – the pre-filter, the HEPA filter and a Carbon activated screen.

The Oransi Max is efficient in power consumption (certified by Energy Star), but can only manage a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 230 m3 per hour. The distance to which it can clean the air is 600 ft. The HEPA filter has been given a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 16 which is higher than most others. It also has an Air Quality monitor that checks the level of the air’s cleanliness and regulates the fan speed on its own depending on the quality of air in the room.



SilverOnyx Air Purifier - 500 sq. ft.

The SilverOnyx is a purifier that boasts of five filters through which the air is purified at a price that most users will be willing to dish out. Apart from the usual pre-filter (made of mesh design), HEPA screen and the Carbon activated filter, it has a special filter that uses ultra violet light and a fifth screen that acts as an ion generator to capture harmful particle form the air. The manufacturers offer an assured money-back arrangement if the product does not perform to satisfaction.

The SilverOnyx large room HEPA air purifier measures 10 x 10 x 16 inches in dimensions and weighs only 5.4 pounds which makes is convenient because it does not occupy too much space and is easy to move around the house. The purifier comes with one year warranty (as with all other SilverOnyx purifiers), and the replacement of filters is recommended at 6 months even if it’s just average use.



Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier - 400 sq. ft.

The WINIX 5300-2 is among the slightly bigger built air purifiers in its class, measuring 14.9 x 7.8 x 23.6 inches and carrying a weight of 18 pounds. Upgraded from WINIX’s previous 5300 model, this large room air purifier with permanent filter cleans the air using a three-stage process. It has a Carbon activated filter, a true HEPA filter (removes 99.97 % of particles measuring 0.3 microns) and a permanent layer that uses Plasma wave technology as its third filter. Unlike some of its other counterparts, it does not have a pre-filter and is designed for medium-sized rooms to large-sized rooms.

Its area of coverage is at 360 square feet which is a combination of both the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and the distance in length. It also possesses an automatic feature that can sense the quality of air in a room and increase or decrease its fan speed to create proper air filtration. The air purifier with permanent filter for large room cannot be controlled remotely, so the only controls are the buttons available on the top panel of the machine. A distinct function of this model is that it can detect the luminosity of a room and adjust its display brightness accordingly. So, if you leave it running in a dark room, the LCD lights would also become dim accordingly. The WINIX 5300-2 has an indicator that lights up when your filter needs replacement.



While high quality large room air purifiers can be expensive the benefits that these air purifiers provide for your home and your family’s health can be huge. Choosing the right air purifier for your larger room will provide you benefits that makes the cost well worth the dent in your budget.