Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier Review

High quality air is essential to all human beings .It so unfortunate that in most parts of the world, the air is highly contaminated due increased human activities on natural resources. We are privileged to introduce Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Purifier that is designed with the modern technology to make sure you get purified air by filtering and capturing dust particles, chemical fumes, bacteria, smoke, vapors and odors and others particles invisible to human eye. It is not only limited to filtering and capturing the incoming air but also have the capability to absorb and purify surrounding air and purifying it. Smart purifier uses smart technology such as WiFi and Alexa smart system where both simplifies commanding and monitoring operations of the device. It has a Winix smart app that can be used to monitor and control the room air from any location. This smart air purifier runs through a four stage system that has fine pre-filters to capture the particles, odors and vapors.The filters replaces each other automatically eliminating chances of replenishment and thus maintaining the flow of purified air.

The four stages filters in a sequence of;

Winix AM90 Air Purifier Features



Winix AM90 is regarded to be the best performing in the market with some of modern technology like the smart app, PlasmaWave Technology, smart sensors indicators, Alexa device connection among others. All these are aimed to ensuring it work efficiently and effectively to meet the customer requirement. The air quality is of high purity level since the engineering team did take into consideration all safety measures by making sure everything is in the right place and whatever you get as a final is high quality purified air. The filtration process kills bacteria, removal the odor, chemicals and particles making the air safe for everyone including those with pre-existing medical conditions e.g. asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, bronchitis have a tested result of 99.7% safe high quality air.

The other good thing about Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Purifier is that it have been conforms to most trending and future designs and technology therefore it will take a long time for it to be overshadowed.

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