Vremi Large Room Home Air Purifier Review

With increase in air pollution the world is seeing an increase in allergy sufferers too. Air purifiers have been made to overcome this issue but how competent can they be? Some make too much sound, others are non-reliable at all and some beyond your budget. For this reason Vremi Large room Air purifier with HEPA filter becomes a necessity for everyone. Vremi air purifier with HEPA filter is a savior as it helps reduce air contamination up to 99.97% which is the best that you can get. Also it is an automatic device which makes it easier to use. It purifies the air in spaces up to 300 sq.ft (27 m²) in order to provide refreshing air.

Vremi Air Purifier Features

Vremi purifier consists of High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter which ensures maximum air purification. It is fashioned in a compact way which makes it portable and easy to carry around. With 15.5 inch height and a diameter of 8.7 inch and 360 Aerodynamic intake it gives efficient service and makes itself best for use In bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and offices. It contains built in quality air sensors that measures the air quality and shows it on the machine in a color coded way using blue, green, orange or red colors so that you are aware of the air quality. Moreover this sensor manages the internal fan speed according to the requirement of air purification. The reset filter indicator present in the purifier monitors it and tells when it is time to change the filter.

Vremi air purifier’s working mechanism includes three stages which has the following three filters:

  1. Ultra-fine pre filter
  2. HEPA filter
  3. Activated carbon filter

In first step the air passes through ultra-fine pre filter which removes larger dirt particles. In second stage the air undergoes purification at HEPA filter which removes any smaller particles which had escaped the first stage. Lastly the air go through activated carbon filter which helps in diminishing any odor present in the air. Particles as small as 0.3 microns even cannot escape the proficiency of this unit. The air filter run-time is about 4320 hours that equals to about 180 days. Apart from the efficient mechanism the Vremi air purifier has a very quiet presence i.e. it does not make any mechanical voices which often give people headaches. It hardly operates at a sound as low as 52 dB which is very low compare to other air purifiers.

Vremi Air Purifier Benefits

As mentioned earlier Vremi air purifier provides about 99.97% air purification. It destroys any dust particles, allergens, pet dander or irritants present in the air which may cause problem for us especially allergic people. It effective mechanism makes it desirable to all and maybe given as a looked for gift to close friends. Its low sound effect during the filtration process saves you from headaches and gives you a pleasant experience without having to be reminded of its presence due to its sound. It has night light and various brightness levels which make it easier to use even at night. Vremi air purifier requires change of filters after about 6-8 months which is fairly good and easier on the pocket and routine. It is also energy efficient and does not require plugging in of power every few hours. Moreover it does not give off any cold air. Though it works like a fan still it does not change the room temperature. With one year free warranty you can enjoy it without fearing loss in any way. Even if it is disturbing or not up to the mark you can return it easily without any long and hard procedures. It is definitely a smart unit which comes with a reset filter indicator so that you are able to know when to change the filters.

With all these benefits who could imagine of buying any other product. This unit is both efficient and user friendly with a reasonable price. It is being called reasonable rice due to the efficiency and positive feedback of the unit from a number of customers. It is a 100% recommended unit for people who are looking for air purifiers for the first time. What if it has a few cons it still is desirable for the long list of benefits mentioned above. So what are you waiting for grab these units for yourself today!

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