Vornado PCO300 Air Purifier Review

The Vornado PCO300 Silverscreen Air Purifier Enhanced with HEPA Air Purifier joins Ultra Violet light with the protected titanium dioxide media. With a thorough exactness of designing, this item channels and clears all of the air circulating in a room using the aerodynamics phenomenon effectively that is to an extent of one seventy-five square feet. Purifying the air in the room using this item lets individuals make air breathable without any discomfort. This makes the product as the viable model other than a media of conventional purifier. This purifying incorporates microorganisms and infections little than organisms that leads to antibiotic resisting diseases, seasonal influenza, and simple cold infection.

This product’s name is included as Silverscreen by the Vornado to utilize this item as a protected innovation for disabling and eradicating the impurities with UV light and media of TiO2 utilization. Such type of procedure is known as photocatalytic oxidation. During this procedure, this item eliminates the issues by wrecking and separating allergens. Also, even the viruses, destructive gases, and microscopic organisms noticeable all around. As this item is the best model and performs PCO procedure which is the reason it will last longer than other systems. It entirely strives in eradicating viruses, smells, dust, and bacteria etc. Its total weight is about 17lb, doesn’t release any ozone rays, and is an ARB authorized item. It has impressing highlights and advantages such as programmed residue, smell detecting innovation, wind stream settings, channel substitution warning, control bolt ability, and rest mode with automatic shut-down. It is upheld by industry-driven Vornado which offers a constrained guarantee of five years.

Vornado PCO300 HEPA Air Purifier Review

Vornado PCO300 Air Purifier Features



Vornado PCO300 HEPA Air Purifier is an amazing item utilizing innovation of purifying the air from contaminants, dust, and bacteria etc from air present in your room. This can clean the air up to one seventy-five square feet area, has incredible features like 3 air-wise settings with powerful sensors to sense, eliminate odors, and wreck the allergies present in the air.

It is basically so simple to utilize, doesn’t make any noise while purifying, and operates in a good manner. This item comes with a rest mode which calms task while you sleep. It is a highly qualified air purifier one could ever have and is stylish machine accessible in a size to be fixed correctly in your home. So, ensure yourself to purchase this amazing purifier to clean your room air and breathe comfortably.

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