Vornado Air Purifier Reviews

Vornado is a company that has been built by the desire of its founder to soar higher. The history of Vornado began when Ralph Odor started his work on a new airplane design back in 1920. Reaching through 1930, his Power Vortex was patented which eventually influenced the modern aviation. If you’re wondering where the Vornado Plane derived its name, it is a combination of Vortex and Tornado which were its pioneer aerodynamics. In 1940, Odor was able to meet O.A Sutton, someone who owned a fabrication shop which specialized in equipment used in airplanes. That was the time when the fan history was changed. It was 1945 when the Richard Ten Eyck added a finishing touch to the first ever Vornadofan. Now, Vornado maintains its reputation by inventing products that are way beyond people’s imagination while providing excellent customer service in its headquarters located in Andover, Kansas.

Vornado Air Purifier Reviews

Vornado’s products have more power, control, and efficiency. These have been the signature of Vornado products. For this company, going green has never felt so good with its products. The Energy Smart collections of this reputable business change the way how customers look into comfort. Customers will use less and feel good with the energy smart products since using these will automatically lessen the energy consumption by 80% on circulators and 90% on humidifiers. The products produces more power unlike some which lowers performance when efficiency is higher. With Vornado, a high efficiency means more power because of the DC motors they use. Last but not the least, Vornado products have precise control settings which let customers to have 100% control over the circulators and humidifiers. The settings are easy to use and navigate.

Official Website: www.vornado.com

Vornado Air Purifier Reviews

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