Vava Air Purifier Reviews

From humble beginnings, Vava started their company in 2015 with their Bluetooth speaker and soon enough, they expanded their products to that of home living. With their mission to make life simple, Vava delivers state of the art gadgets that will make life at improved conditions.

One of Vava’s recent products is their air purifier that ticks off every requirement anyone has for a quality air purifier. You want something that is worth the money with all the latest features for air purifiers there are. The pre-filter takes care of the larger particles with 4-in-1 True HEPA filter reducing the size of allergens, pollen mites, and dust to micro size by up to almost 100%. What sets apart Vava air purifiers is a germ disinfectant feature that uses UV-C light that gets rid of the bacteria and viruses in no time. It is also user-friendly that allows you to easily control the settings and even set a timer through its nifty panel. The VAVA air purifier with 4-in-1 True HEPA filter is equipped with a real-time air quality indicator that constantly monitors the air and makes any necessary adjustments for you

Vava Air Purifiers

What most look for in an air purifier is not only the purifying capacity but silent operation option that lets you use it even when you’re sound asleep without the need to use a white noise machine. Parents can set up the air purifier in their newborn’s nursery so they can breathe in healthy air and prevent any harmful airborne particles in infecting them and risking their health. They are even ideal for pets.

The energy-saving setting lets you set the timer for automatic power off at intervals. An ionization option is not a must for most air purifier as it is lethal to inhale ozone but it is an effective method of purifying the air so if you’re going to use that option, you need to be out of the room.

Vava has favorable air purifiers even for their low cost that is why a lot of people choose them when purchasing their first-ever air purifying systems.

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Vava Air Purifier Reviews

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