Sharp KC 850U Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier Review

Sharp KC 850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function is one of the best air purifiers on the market right now. The function of this air purifier is exactly as it sounds. It’s designed to help increase the air quality in the area it’s placed. This can be a bedroom, a living room or even an office. It can pull the dust and debris from the air, leaving your lungs breathing the fresh air instead. It also has a humidifier built in to add a dash of moisture to the area. This helps to clear out the passages in your sinuses and allows for more intake of fresh air. This is great product to have in your home or your office.

Sharp KC 850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp KC 850U Air Purifier Features

  • Automatic air control sensors; these sensors will periodically and automatically detect the quality of the air in the room and adjust the power level and humidity settings, if they are turned on, accordingly
  • Humidity system; this system will detect the humidity in the air and adjust itself accordingly to keep the air from becoming too dry or too humid
  • Dual stage filter system combines an activated carbon filter and a True HEPA filter; together, they removed as much as 99.97% of particles that pass through them
  • Filters help reduce the following particles and unwanted elements in the air: pollen, smoke, pet dander, dust; pollen, mold spores, fungus, germs, bacteria, viruses


  • The adjustable LED lighting; which allows for a brightness during the night and nothing during the day
  • Quiet performance; almost impossible to hear unless an ear is placed against the machine
  • The filters only need replacing every 2-5 years; they can be washed and reused for a few years as well
  • The ability to detect air quality and immediately correct the surroundings
  • Energy Star seal means it's conservative of electricity and won't eat your bill up


  • The humidifier is less than average; it isn't enough to replace an existent one (if required)
  • The unit doesn't work when it's placed against a wall because the airflow isn't adjustable
  • The cost to replace the filters is rather high
  • The light adjustment doesn't always work even when it's supposed to

The silence means you can use the system in an office space while on the telephone. Or even over night in your bedroom without being awake by the humming or buzzing of the machine. It’s the best room air purifier product because it really does clear the air. Your lungs will thank you, so will those of your guests or clients, depending on the location of the system.

Now, the same cons could be said about many air purifying units, so it’s not fair to judge the system based on them. Many air purifying systems use a rear air intake, so they are best when used in the center of an area. Also, the cost to replace filters is often the same from unit to unit. The most important thing about an air purifying system is that it works and it’s fairly quiet. In that regard, the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier KC 850U is golden.

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