Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air Purifier Review

The Rowenta PU4020 is a sleek and high-quality air purifier that boasts multiple filters particularly the patented NanoCaptur filter technology which can permanently destroy formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. It is a powerful air purifier with cool features and design that runs very quiet for just about any light sleeper.

Rowenta PU4020 Features

  • 4 phases of high performances filtration, with every phase dedicated to a specific kind of pollutant. The pre-filter before the main filters, traps bigger particles and helps increase the life of HEPA filter. The active carbon filter removes odors, smoke, gas and volatile organic compounds. The true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of the finest allergens and pollutants from the air such as PM2.5, bacteria, virus, mold, etc. And the exclusive and patented NanoCaptur filter technology works to permanently destroy formaldehyde and many more micro air particles.
  • A dedicated automatic silent night mode for an extreme silent operation during the night long air purification
  • Smart pollution sensors self-monitor the air filtration system to automatically adjust the speed of the filtration
  • Color coded indicator light to describe the air quality in the room – from blue to violet to red
  • Coverage of up to 400 square feet and CADR Rated: 80 for Smoke, 91 for Dust, and 105 for Pollen


  • The unit is super easy to assemble, only takes a few minutes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Energy Star and AHAM certified for energy efficiency


  • Push buttons on control panel are small and may be difficult to activate
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