Renpho RP-AP001 Large Room HEPA Air Purifier Review

Are you trying to find the best air purifier for your home that is perfect for a large room and can eliminate dust, smoke, odors, pollen, and mold? You have come to the right place. Deciding what air purifier to use might not look like a difficult job, but ensuring the device you choose is safe and effective can be a different challenge, especially in this era where everybody knows how common chemicals and cleaning compounds can affect our health. A great air purifier should be able to clean the air effectively, fit your lifestyle, work in silent, and fall within your price range. Renpho RP-AP001 Air Purifier ticks all these boxes and more.

In this article today, I am going to take you through this wonderful product, and in the end, you should be in a better position to make your own decision about it.

Renpho RP-AP001 air purifier is best at preventing the accumulation of dust on the surfaces of objects in your home and can also trap floating mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and even pet odors. Most homes, no matter how clean they are, have poor indoor air quality, which is due to the materials and products used in our homes on a daily basis. These home products and cleaning substances emit chemicals that can be harmful to our health, making an air purifier just as an important item to have in our lives as eating healthy and clean water in order to have a healthier lifestyle.

How Renpho RP-AP001 Air Purifier Works

RENPHO Air Purifier has a 4-stage filtration system:

  • Stage 1#: Pre-filter

In this stage, the device captures initial huge particles in the air including hair, pet dander, and inanimate scum.

  • Stage 2#: Charcoal filter

The device absorbs the inanimate particles and dust in the air.

  • Stage 3#: Activated carbon filter

This is where the air purifier eradicates and neutralizes numerous odors such as pet odors.

  • Stage 4#: True HEPA filter

The device then effectively eliminates 99.97 percent airborne pollutants such as inanimate dust-mite matter, wildfire smoke, cigarette, pollen, and non-living matter allergens as well as particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Renpho RP-AP001 Air Purifier Features

  • 3 Speed Fan plus Auto Mode: You can choose from 3 fan speeds – low, medium, and high, and switch the device to an auto mode where the speed of the fan is automatically adjusted depending on the live air quality measurements.
  • Air Quality Sensor plus Indicator Quite Sleep Mode: The device has a built-in air quality sensor that detects the quality of the air in every moment. The auto mode changes color and the fan speeds up depending on the quality of air it senses.
  • Quality Sleep Mode: This air purifier is one of the best in the market. It doesn’t work like an outdated radiator. Simply turn the air purifier to sleep mode and it will work at its most quite level. The lights dim so that you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
  • Timer and Key-lock Function: Press the Timer button to automatically turn off the device after 2, 4, or 8 hours. Long press the Lock button for about 3 seconds to start avoiding touching mode to avoid the operational error caused by pets or children during their curiosity.


  • It comes with a 4-stage filtration system that enables it to eliminate 99.97 percent airborne pollutants and particles as small as 0.3 microns. With its CADR rate of 135 CFM (230 m3 /h), the device circulates air in your home up to 301 sq.f.t three times every hour.
  • It has a Smart Air Quality Monitor with a built-in quality sensor that detects the quality of air at every moment and changes color automatically ad adjusts the speed of the fan based on the quality of the air it senses.
  • The device operates silently thanks to its Whisper-Quite Operation. Simply set it to the sleep mode and you can place it in your bedroom. When at sleep mode, Renpho RP-AP001 air purifier operates with a noise level of 34db, which is very negligible. You can also set the timer to auto shut off the device to conserve energy while you are asleep.
  • The device's separated filter replacement indicator replaces the single filter when the corresponding filter indicator light flashes, thus no need to replace all the filters as one piece, which is great because that way, it saves you money.
  • The quality is assured. No harmful ozone or UV-C. The gadget is certified by ETL/CARB (California Air Resources Board)/ CA PROP 65. It also comes with 1-year buyer assurance alongside lifetime support and customer service (U.S-based).


  • Not very effective in removing VOCs or other harmful gaseous pollutants.

I hope you have found everything you were looking for about this Renpho air purifier. It is one of the leading products in the market currently with a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Be sure to grab this device so that you are well-prepped when the allergy season kicks on.

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