Renpho Air Purifier Reviews

Originally founded in the United States of California in 2015 – Renpho is a brand that creates a healthy and smart home environment that allows people to relax and make life easier. One of the products Renpho creates and distributes is the Renpho product line which comes in two variants depending on the size preference of the customers.

Renpho Medium Air Purifier

The medium air purifier size have the Renpho Desktop Air Purifier under its category. This medium size product was specifically designed to provide the filtration quality while retaining its compact size fit for small spaces that needs to have the air purifier.

The medium air purifier of Renpho is a compact model suitable for those with smaller room area and want a product that won’t take much space.

Renpho Desktop Air purifier’s 3-speed fan and three (3) staged filtration system, together with its quiet sleep mode with a 37 dB(A). Ensures that customers get the quality air they deserved and a quiet device that won’t sound disturbing especially when sleeping.

Renpho Large Air Purifier

The large air purifier or the Renpho Home HEPA air purifier comes in a more bulky and bigger size- but the scale of its mass is beneficial for those who want an extra area of coverage since the Renphoe Home HEPA air puffier is able to clean up to 308 sq.ft (28 m²).

One of its unique features is its air detector quality. The auto mode of the Renpho Home HEPA air purifier also provides the users with a visual representation of air quality and fan speed based on its changing light colors.

Compared to the medium air purifier, the large air purifier or the RENPHO Home HEPA air purifier has a 4 filtration system that assures customers that the microscopic particles go through enough layers of purification to ensure those dust, odor-causing bacteria won’t circulate back into the air.

While there are some small differences between the two product lines, both RENPHO air purifiers are modeled to provide an efficient and effective way of purifying indoor air.

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Renpho Air Purifier Reviews

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