Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator Review

The Ozone Power OP5000 is the ozone generator you should be getting if you are struggling with removing stinking odor like tough kitchen smells, cigarette or fire smoke, pet odor, musty closets, mold and mildew and so much more. Getting rid of these bad odors also kills all the germs, virus and bacteria living in your space that may cause you some unfortunate health concerns. It destroys all these odors with the help of ozone (O3) a substance produced by nature that kills odors, bacteria and virus through oxidation. The ozone eliminates all of them and then reverts itself to oxygen.

Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator 5000mg

Ozone Power OP5000 Ozone Generator Features

  • Natural Ozone Production - the machine's coronal discharge is responsible for producing ozone, the same producer of ozone in nature lightning strikes. Thus, it is a nature-like way of breaking down odor causing pollutants and purifying the air. No wonder, the air smells clean and fresh after a thunderstorm as ozone is responsible for that.
  • Powerful Ozone Output of 5000mg/h or more - guarantees that the ozone plate which is 60% larger than other ozone generators can deliver the most powerful ozone output. More powerful ozone could only mean stronger cleaning effectiveness.
  • Can Be Used In Any Space - the powerful ozone output makes it possible to treat larger spaces of up to 5,000 square feet more effectively, and smaller spaces faster. It is perfect to use at home, apartments, and even cars.


  • It has a timer that is very convenient for instantly freshening up rooms, cars or closets. You can set the unit to run for up to 2 hours and it will turn off automatically
  • The 5-year exchange warranty covers all shipping costs and guarantees the exchange of the old defective unit for a brand new one for free


  • Ozone is natural, but its oxidation process can be harmful to our health when users fail to follow the directions. So make sure that nobody or no pets are inside the space to be treated when running this machine. After the treatment is finished, air the house out for about 45 minutes, so that the ozone inside will revert to oxygen. If you don't follow these directions, you may experience coughing due to the air reaction.

Overall, the OP5000 ozone generator is a very powerful unit in leaving zero trace of odor and its accompanying ill-causing germs, bacteria and virus. Treatment for small spaces like cars or closets can go about 20 to 30 minutes, and 30 to 50 minutes for medium to large rooms. While basements and entire houses can run for an hour to two. Its magic may come with a health warning, but there would be no harm if users will just follow the corresponding directions. Hence, it is designed with a timer that automatically turns off the machine to ease the waiting time. Make your space smell like new now!

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