Oransi OV200 Air Purifier Review

Oransi products have been used by big organizations like the American Red Cross, NASA, and many others. Oransi OV200 is a residential air purifier that is known for its high level of functionality. This device is a great option for improving air quality in homes, offices, small or medium living areas, and partial basements. The neutral color of the purifier also means it is suitable in any corner of your room.

Oransi OV200 has true HEPA filter that offers additional effectiveness of the purifier, which already has an exceptional clean air delivery rate. It is also easy to change the speed of the silent fan or set a timer thanks to its user-friendly remote and control system. You will also enjoy features such as child-lock and relaxing night mode.

To help you keep track of the quality of air around you, Oransi OV200 has a color-changing LED indicator that gives an estimation of the micrograms per cubic meter of the airborne particles.

This air purifier is designed to be used preferably indoors on a level surface. Set the speed of the fan to a noise level that is ok with you. If you want complete quietness, you can set the fan to a very low speed. But if you want to clean a large space, you may want to run the fan on a higher speed, especially if you want to leave the room.

When you buy this device, you should receive the air purifier as well as one complete set of filters and user manual.

Oransi OV200 Air Purifier Features

Standing at 23 inches and 13 inches width, OV200 is impeccably sized for floor placement. The design also means that the device stands firmly on the ground and the round edges ensure children do not get heart. OV200 also has a white, glossy design that compliments your home interior décor.

The device has two long inlets on either side and along with the expansive outlet on top, it means that the air purifier can circulate a large volume of air quickly through its purification system. The system itself has too much power due to its 60 watts motor that can raise the quality of air in a room measuring 400 square feet. At its top speed, the device can circulate air at 160 cubic feet per minute, which is among the fastest speed in the market. Even on its lowest speed setting, the purifier still manages to send air through its purification system at a decent speed of 70 cubic feet per minute.

The control system of this air purifier is user-friendly. The remote and the on-board panel have been calibrated for ease of use. You can easily reset the filter indicator, put the device of a timer from 1 to 8 hours, or set a child lock function without a hassle. With either control methods, you can set the device fan to one of the 3 speeds or select a quiet mode for a peaceful night.

The OV200 has three filters. The first filter traps hair and large dirt particles and prevents them from clogging the appliance. The second filter is an activated carbon filter that rids of malodorous substances such as cigarette smoke. The third filter is, of course, the true HEPA filter, which has an air delivery rate of a whopping 160. The air purifier also features a MERV rating of 16, a decent rating that is synonymous with hospital surgical units. The HEPA filter captures up to 98 percent of bacteria and allergens and it can last for 12 months, saving you maintenance costs. An indicator will alert you when to replace the filter.

The dust sensor of OV200 means you don’t have to guess about the air quality around you. The indicator on the device will turn red if the air is filled with micrograms per cubic meter. It will change to yellow if the air is moderately clean.



Oransi OV200 comes with cool features and high technology that makes it one of the high-quality air cleaning devices on the market. With all the great options and the 10-year warranty, you are guaranteed to get the value for your money when you buy Oransi OV200. The filter can also last for up to 12 months, which is a great thing. The remote control also means you can control the air in the room from the comfort of your sofa.

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