Oransi Air Purifier Reviews

Oransi came from the Finnish word for orange, which represent rejuvenation and good health. With these symbolisms, Oransi constantly introduces latest technology in air purification in its products. All these innovations are meant to provide an advanced and absolute indoor air purification. For 15 years, Oransi has been constantly providing clean and fresh air to every home. It started from Peter Mann’s struggle to find an air purifier for his son who is suffering from asthma. The quest became a purpose, to which he started to experiment and design air purifiers that can clean the air totally without having to be expensive. Oransi air purifiers have been manufactured to clean efficiently, but the company invested in air filters too. These air filters have different capabilities but are made to double the efficiency of air purifiers.


Oransi Air Purifier Reviews

When it comes to ultimate air purification, Oransi specializes in High Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) air purifiers. Air purifiers clean and eliminate air pollutants through filters placed inside the equipment. These filters may be customized from an array of carbon filters to HEPA filters. What makes a HEPA filter an ultimate cleanser is that it traps even the most miniscule particle other air purifiers cannot. At 99.97%, an Oransi HEPA air purifier can remove pollutants that our nasal system could not. Compared to other products advertised as HEPA air purifier, Oransi air purifiers are proven and tested to have HEPA filters capable of removing all airborne particles. With HEPA filter, dust, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander will surely be eliminated from the air. As an advance air purification system, it is best recommended for people who have allergies and asthma.

Oransi also specializes in chemical pollutant and odor removal. Most air purifiers can only clean the air, but with Oransi even unwanted odors and smoke can be minimized. With an activated carbon filter, Oransi air purifiers are able to deal with gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds.

In partnership with Energy Star and AHAM Verifide, Oransi air purifiers commit to energy efficiency. By using the highest efficiency electric motors in every product, electric consumption of Oransi air purifiers are reduced by 90%. Coupled with durable manufacturing, there air purifiers can perform well for a long time. Oransi air purifiers are also certified to meet the Reduction of Hazardous Substances standard which means that no lead, mercury, or cadmium is used in the manufacture of the air purifiers. Not only are the Oransi air purifiers safe for the family’s health, but they are also safe for the environment.

Oransi has a wide array of products that target different needs. There are air purifiers made for small spaces such as bedrooms or offices up to large spaces covering the whole house or facility. Since different people have different needs, Oransi air purifiers are also made to address specific problems like asthma, allergies, gases, and general air quality.

Official Website: www.oransi.com

Oransi Air Purifier Reviews

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