Oion Air Purifier Reviews

Oion Technologies is an air purifier brand that provides affordable, efficient, and energy saver air purifiers. Also, the company is known for other products such as air purifiers, ozone generators, humidifiers, and heaters. These products are eco-friendly which means it saves a lot of energy. Their products mostly use 5W of energy consumption. In line with that their products have a 5 year warranty that everyone can use.

OION Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers and Ozone Generators have almost the same purpose and functions. Both of it are used to eliminates unpleasant and foul odors around the area. Also, it kills micro-organisms that can cause illness, allergies, and irritation. The only difference is that the ozone generator uses gas ozone as a solid air cleaner while the air purifiers uses filters, Ionic Technology, UV-C Technology and others. Oion Technologies have models of air purifiers that can choose from: Oion S-300, Oion B-100, Oion LB-999, Oion APW-4000, Oion APB-5000, and Oion LB-7001. Also, their Ozone Generator products have various models that can choose from: Enerzen O-888, Factory Reconditioned Enerzen O-777 Ozone Generator, Factory Reconditioned Enerzen O-555 Ozone Generator, Enerzen O-UVC2, and Enerzen O-UVC3.

Oion Technologies made sure that the customer can have several models that they can choose from depending on their needs and taste. Their main goal is to make that all of those who purchased is satisfied with the product and have an enjoyable experience with it. Also, Oion Technologies make sure that their products will reach everyone through their fast shipping that includes free insurance. If the customer is not satisfied or there is a problem with the product they will make sure to work on it immediately. After all, everyone wants what is best

Official Website: www.oionair.com

Oion Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Reviews

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