OdorStop OS2500UV Review – Professional Grade Ozone Generator with UV

OdorStop OS2500UV is lightweight and comes with a variable ozone output. It features a twelve-hour timer with constant on option. This is also equipped with UV light for more sanitizing power. This UV function enables bacteria to be killed at high rate even when ozone is on its low level. Ozone plates may be cleaned quickly without the need to take the unit separately.

Such parts are metal plates in which with time accumulate the contaminants and affect the generator’s effectiveness. You may also to clean them quickly without taking the units apart. So, as results, the unit works well for ten years or more, allowing you to save more money. It has also an air inlet filter, which is very easy to clean. It is also durable as it has solid parts and well-constructed. This gets rid of the severest odor of cigarette smoke, nail, cooking, dog smells, mold, and much more. You may also use this to kill mildew in the boats, yet no one should be inside once it is turned on.

OdorStop OS2500UV

OdorStop OS2500UV is ideal for sanitizing and deodorizing medium to big spaces including hotel suites, offices, apartments, homes, restrooms, day care centers, condos, basements, and so on. It will help you get rid of severe odor caused by mildew, mold, fire, tobacco, smoke, flood and water damage, cooking smells, and animals.



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