MicroLux 7-Stage UV Ion Air Purifier Review

The MicroLux UV Ion Air Purifier is a 7 stage air filtration system that comes with a wood finish and a cube-shaped design. Available in either black wood or cherry wood finish, its modern looks ensure that it is a great addition to every room. The Purifier uses 7 different filters to purify up to 3000 sq.ft of air. This makes it extremely versatile and an excellent choice for public spaces like game rooms or dining rooms. The included remote allows you to control the air purifier from every corner of the room and adjust its 5-speed fan on the go. Not only this, but you can also change operation modes remotely and even activate features like sleep mode, etc.

Additionally, it also features a safety switch that will disable the device in case the filters are not fitted properly. It comes with a virtually silent fan that helps it blend into the room. This makes sure that nobody ever hears it operating again. In case your purifier’s performance starts to deteriorate, you can easily replace or wash your filters making sure that it can easily last you for years to come. The MicroLux Air Purifier also features onboard manual controls and an LED display. This not only allows you to manually control various functions on your purifier but also monitor its performance, fan speed, filter status and more.

MicroLux UV Ion Air Purifier Features

The air purifier uses a 7 stage air filtration system to provide you with the best possible quality of air. When the air is sucked in, it first goes through the pre-filter that captures big and solid particles like large hair, debris, etc. Next comes the HEPA filter which filters particles that are up to the size of 0.3 microns. This helps capture minute dust particles, powders, nicotine particles from the air. After this, the air goes through a dual UV filter that helps kill larger germs and microorganisms. Then the air hits a UV plate to eliminate all kinds of odors. The best part is that this even includes pet smells, cigarette smoke, electrical smell, and other industrial odors as well.

The titanium dioxide photocatalytic filter comes next which produces highly reactive ions and electrons that attract and attach to chemicals, bacterias, and viruses. Upon going through the photocatalytic filter, the air reaches an activated charcoal filter. This helps capture any leftover dust particles and odors that might have slipped through the other filters. Lastly, the air hits a dual negative ion filter that helps weed out unwanted gases and pollutants like Carbon Monoxide. After the air has gone through these filters, it is free from virtually any pollutants or particles that could have polluted your air. This ensures the best possible air quality whether it is placed in a medical facility or an industrial environment.

The addition of a safety switch on the MicroLux ensures that your device doesn’t malfunction after you have performed maintenance or repairs on your unit. If your filters have been installed incorrectly or have been placed in an incorrect orientation your device will display an error and safely turn off. This can prevent vital component failures that would otherwise have put a serious dent in your pocket.

The MicroLux air filter also has a built-in programmable sleep mode. This lowers the speed of your fan making the unit extremely quiet for a comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, the sleep mode also lowers the brightness of the onboard display to the minimum setting. This feature ensures that it does not burn your eyes in case you wake up in the night. So if you are a senior citizen or someone who has sensitive eyes, then this is a great added feature for you.

The MicroLux purifier comes with a handy remote control right out of the box. This allows you to control fan speed, filtration modes and more from any corner of the room. This makes it an excellent choice for senior citizens or people with limited mobility as they can use the remote to control the purifier without moving much. Additionally, it can also be used in hospitals and clinics where it can be controlled remotely by patients or nurses.



If you are looking for a robust air purifier that can not only take care of odors but also all kinds of disease-causing bacteria and viruses, then the MicroLux UV Ion Air Purifier is an excellent choice for you. It’s premium construction materials help the unit withstand all kinds of abuse thrown its way. This ensures that it can last for years to come. The device can clean up to 3000 sq.ft of air, making it a great addition to all sizes of rooms and even larger halls and community spaces. Its 7 stage filtration system eliminates all kinds of bacterias, viruses, odors, particles, pollutants, chemicals and more. This treats you to the best quality of air whenever the unit is operating. Additional features like sleep mode ensure that you can sleep quietly.

The device also has an onboard LED display that allows you to monitor various settings like fan speed, operation mode, filter status and more. Its washable filters ensure that you can regularly perform maintenance without the use of sophisticated procedures and chemicals. This way, anybody can perform the maintenance on most of its filters using just a garden hose. Additionally, this also makes the filters easily replaceable in case they get deteriorated over time. So the MicroLux air purifier is an excellent choice, whether you plan on using it in the hall, your bedroom or the office. The MicroLux air purifier will never fail you and treat you to the best possible air no matter where you are.

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