Medify MA-Smart Air Purifier Review

Whether you are at home or in the office, you will never like to compromise with your health by consuming polluted air. That’s because dirty and polluted air, if inhaled in, can cause many diseases and health issues. So, in case, you want to breathe healthy and clean air while being inside your home or office, a device like Medify MA-Smart air purifier is going to be the one you will surely fall in love with. It is actually the first medical-grade purifier which is smart-enabled. The modern design and the advanced technology that the device offers make the process of air-purification very fast and easy.

Medify MA-Smart Air Purifier Features

  • It is a mobile app-enabled air purifier.
  • Alexa is also enabled on it.
  • Auto mode and sleep mode are available in the unit.
  • The device offers a touchscreen display.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • 4 types of fan speeds are there in the purifier.
  • There is a sensor of PM 2.5.
  • Particle Sensor is available with indicator light.
  • 99.97 percent filtration is offered by MA-Smart.
  • Child-lock is also available.
  • It offers filtration with the medical-grade of H13 True HEPA.


  • Medify Air MA-Smart Air Purifier is an advanced purifier with modern design.
  • This purifier can easily filter the polluted, dirty and harmful air, making it safe for you and your family or other people around you.
  • It is an Alexa-enabled device. It simply means that it can be easily turned on or off with the use of Alexa.
  • And, it offers a 3-in-1 filtration including Pre-filter, H13 True HEPA as well as Carbon odors.
  • You can control the unit from your phone also with the use of an app known as “Smart Life”.
  • Because of being app-enabled, it makes your life easier. That’s because you can control the unit even if you are somewhere outside your home.
  • The “Sleep Mode” offered by it helps in saving power by turning the purifier to dim and low lights of the control panel.
  • And, the “Auto Mode” will make the fan run at a speed based on the quality of the air in the room.
  • This air purifier also removes the smoke and toxic odors with the use of the Carbon Filter that it comes with.
  • It can easily clean up to 500 sq ft space within 30 minutes and 1000 sq ft within 1 hour.
  • The filters of the air purifier have a life of around 2500 hours.
  • The size of the air purifier unit is compact and you will not face any problem in using it.
  • Due to the use of the True Hepa H13 filters that the Medify MA-Smart air purifier comes with, the air supplied after filtration is clean and of good quality with a high medical grade.
  • The filters of the air purifier have a life of around 2500 hours.


  • 5 GHz networks are not supported for connecting a smart device with the purifier. Instead, you will need to have a WiFi network of 2.4 GHz for pairing them.

As far as the experience of fresh, clean and healthy air is concerned, an H13 or higher level of filtration of the air is the process that can actually make it happen. That’s because H13 grade of filtration removes 99.9 percent of the particles even down to 0.1 microns. That’s really great.

The devices offering the filtration level or grade of H11 or H8 are not going to remove the particles to 0.1 microns. Hence, buying Medify MA-Smart air purifier that offers the H13 medical-grade filtration will be a smart decision. It will prove to be a magical device by cleaning your air with the use of its H13 grade filters.

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