Medify MA-40 Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Allergens, bacteria, germs, etc. all of these can be found in the air you breathe in on a daily basis. You may be breathing in bacteria, germs, and allergens when you are outside your home. Same goes when you are inside your home. Even though it’s a sad fact, there are all sorts of horrid particles in the air that we breathe.

These are particles, which may easily lead you to feel ill or sick. What’s worse, a lot of these particles are at home! However, these particles just do not go away. As a rule, they stay for a long-long time. Even though none of your family have been sick for days, these particles will still stay, and it’s so easy for someone to be sick over and over again.

Luckily, there is a very nice solution to the issue of having those disgusting particles in the air. What is it? Well, a good air purifier! A good air purifier, which takes in these horrid particles and germs, and then gets rid of them from your air, thus allowing the clean air to flow out of the air purifier itself.

There are so many amazing air purifiers available on the market. One of which is the Medify MA-40 Air Purifier. This is a great air purifier that will allow you in purifying your air in a very systematic way. And in this post, we will review this product. Is it a good buy? Find out –read on to this article!

Medify MA-40 Home Air Purifier: What does it offer?

Some homes have rooms that are much bigger than the average. It might be a huge master’s bedroom, an open plan dining room, and lounge, or a big family room. In order to filter the air pollutants properly in these huge indoor spaces, you’ll need a particularly-designed large room air purifier. And the Medify MA-40 Air Purifier is the best that you can use!

Aside from it is a great air purifier, it is also affordable. Further, it features an H13 True HEPA filters, as well as an astounding 330 CADR, great for large room coverage. In the actual fact, it has a room coverage of about 860 sq. ft., with two air modifications every 60 minutes. For a medium-sized 430 sq. ft. room, this rate may increase to 4 air changes every hour.

Through its sensor, the Medify MA-40 Home Medical Grade has the capacity to detect the air quality in your home. This quality of air will then be displayed on the device, with a color. As what we have said earlier, this air purifier comes with a HEPA filter. With this, all the small, yet horrid particles are being removed from the air. From that process, clean air is made.

Medify MA-40 Air Purifier Features

  • This highly suggested air purifier is made in the USA. It has a strong black or white metal design, as well as a scratch-proof tempered glass touch screen panel for different settings. They also offer a lifetime warranty on parts and service when the product is registered and the filters are replaced with the genuine ones. Buying this air purifier is well worth it as you are guaranteed with an amazing quality.
  • It has 3 fan speeds and automatic mode, which adapts to the indoor air pollution level, working much harder when necessary and switching back into a lower setting as its air quality improves. Moreover, its display also changes from a red color to blue, to indicate that the air is getting cleaner. What’s more, the Medify MA-40 Air Purifier also features a child lock, 8-hour timer, filter replacement indicator, as well as a night mode to run at its quietest setting while you are sleeping. This is what makes it a great air purifier for bedrooms.
  • It comes with an optional ionizer that generates 5 million ions each cubic centimeter. Even though it does not produce that much negative ions, unlike other models, it has a way larger airflow in distributing more effectively.This is so important as a higher circulation is a huge factor in determining whether an air purifier may filter all breathable air in a room.
  • It features a huge activated carbon filter –bigger than those in another traditional air purifier. It is effective in combatting smoke, dangerous VOCs, and household odors and pollutants. The activated carbon in this unit is essential in getting rid of bad smells and airborne chemicals at home.
  • It has a huge H13 True HEPA filter, which has the capacity to capture about 99.97% airborne matter. Some other devices that use HEPA filter only use H11 and are of lower filtration grade.

Medify MA-40 Air Purifier Replacement Filters

The Medify Air MA-40 Purifier is a relatively huge air purifier and with its huge activated carbon for VOCs and odors, and specifically high-quality H13 True HEPA, its replacement filters cost more than the other replacement filters on the market. Remember, the manufacturers suggest replacing these filters every 6 months, even though a warning light may indicate when it already needs a change or replacement.

Room Size and CADR

The manufacturer or the Medify MA-40 Home Medical Grade H13 True HEPA list their CADR as 330. This is based on two (2) air changes every hour in a large 860 sq. ft. room. Furthermore, for 430 sq. ft. room, this CADR rate might be doubled. 4 air changes every hour might be achieved, as well.

The Medify Air MA-40 is a greatly powerful air cleaning device that is specifically important for asthmatics, people recovering from any illness, as well as those who have respiratory issues. All of these group of people are at a high risk of indoor air pollution.

As you may have seen, we haven’t included any drawbacks in this article. Well, this is because there are only a few of it. As a matter of fact, aside from the replacement filter being costly, it’s just the noise that customers have been complaining about. Other than these, customers have reviewed the product positively in terms of effectiveness and quality.

Its H13 True HEPA filter, together with oversized activated carbon filter and pre-filter, may effectively capture the indoor air pollutants. This is truly one of the best air purifiers available on the market today!

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