Marspil True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Marspil air purifier is an air cleaner using three or more filters put together for high efficiency. The system has an inbuilt 3-stage filtration. It takes around 5 minutes to free air of any solid particles irrespective of the sizes. The filters have a lifetime of 9 to 12 months. The fact that Marspil air purifier consumes less electricity but captures 99.9% of air contaminants makes it highly effective. To serve its purpose well, the air purifier requires special features.

Marspil Air Purifier Features

  • HEPA filter - It is made of antibacterial stock and HEPA filter. The sole purpose of this feature is to purify the air. 99.98% of the air passing through this semi-permeable feature leaves pure. This feature has a marvellous ability to filter small particles effectively. It goes further to stop the growth of harmful microorganisms like bacteria. Usually, the HEPA filter is sandwiched between the Nano filter and Front course filter.
  • Nano Material Filter - This is built to filter the air and remove some of the most harmful gases on air. The filter gets rid of ammonia and activated carbon. Active carbon has adverse effects like itching, peeling skin, wheezing and many others. The good news is the Nano filter helps prevent that. This filter is also a defence mechanism against air pollution resulting from domestic garbage. Also, it sieves benzene, VOC has and other multifunctional activated carbon and toluene.
  • Front Course Filter - It is made of Aluminium alloy. The strongly structured air inlet should only be used when dry, although washing can be done regularly to maintain cleanliness. This filter is responsible for removing large particles contaminating air like dust and pollen grains.
  • Size - A regular Marspil Air Purifier is 6.5 inch by 13 inches by 24 inches in size. The filter mostly has an area of around 322 sq. ft. This is small enough to convenience the householder. The size is just right because it does not occupy much space. This allows the purchaser to put it at any corner of the house.
  • Control Display Screen - The product has a control display screen showcasing the following; temperature, time, humidity, and particulate concentration. This information is critical for making adjustments to the product's settings.

Marspil Air Purifier Benefits

Protection from airborne contaminants

Air pollution is an endless situation in this world of global warming. That is why you need protection. Marspil air purifier serves this purpose well. It cleans the air with a clinical 99.8% efficiency. This means only a fraction of air stays contaminated. With the reduction in air pollution, you are protected from coughs and other symptoms that come with airborne infections.

Less electricity consumption

First of all, this benefit makes using this purifier affordable. The maintenance fee is low since it uses little electricity to run. Another good thing about less power consumption is environmental friendliness. Therefore, you will be indirectly participating in environmental conservation by using this product.

Fresh air

Nobody wants to stay in a stuffy room. This air purifier leaves your house fresh and habitable. As a result, visitors will enjoy staying at your house because the place is fresh.

Aside from the benefits, there are many advantages to using this air purifier. Here are some of them in form of pros.


  • Compared to other air purifers, Marspil uses less energy. This makes it friendly to the environment. The fact that this air purifier reduces air pollution is an advantage by itself because it creates fresh air for human habitation.
  • It is highly effective. Marspil is almost perfect. According to tests, the air purifier gets rid of 99.98% of contaminants. Only 0.02% of air pollutants get through. 0.02% is as good as harmless. It achieves this with the use of little power.
  • Lasts long. The air purifier has a long life. Other purifiers will serve you for only a few months, and the filters would have worn out. Marspil will take for a more extended period. The filters take 9 to 12 months before requiring replacements. This is enough time for you to plan budget-wise.
  • Sleep mode. During the day, almost all purifiers make some noise. At night, no one wants noise as this is time for rest. To ensure you sleep peacefully, Marspil true HEPA air purifier has a sleep mode button. When you want to sleep you simply turn it on, and it activates silent mode. Only few air purifiers give you that option.
  • Monitoring is possible. The control display screen allows you to monitor the current state of air particulate concentration. This information can be used to know when to turn off or on the machine in order to save energy.
  • User-friendly. The machine comes with a package that includes a user manual and remote control. This helps the user operate the system without challenges.
  • Child lock. Young mothers might be worried about their young babies. But, not with Marspil true HEPA purifier. The gadget has a child lock to ensure it does not endanger the life of your child.
  • You may adjust settings. Nothing beats a machine that allows you to personalize it. This air purifier has customized settings that will enable the user to make adjustments to their choice.


  • Just like any other machine, Marspil can get s malfunction. Although this is a rare occurrence.

Air pollution is on the rise. That is why you cannot risk having a living room or bedroom without an air freshener. There are many of them in the market, but only a few works as expected. Marspil is one of the few working air purifiers. The highly effective air purifier makes use of 3 filters which allow no particulates to pass through. The benefits are so many that you cannot resist purchasing this gadget. Why wait? Break the bank and pay for this. It is affordable and gives you the quality you desire.

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