Inofia Air Purifier Reviews

The Inofia air purifier line are equipped with a HEPA and Activated Carbon filter which helps filtrate the following from the air to ensure that the air you breathe is free from radicals that can be potentially harmful to health.

Inofia air purifiers are also created to be suitable for cleaning the air of each particular area of the house like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office.

  • Kitchen: Putting the Inofia air purifier to its maximum wind speed eliminates the smell of smoke in the kitchen which is commonly produced during the cooking process.
  • Living Room: Using the auto mode in the living room commands the Inofia air purifiers to adjust its wind speed as per according to the detected air quality in the room.
  • Bedroom:The sleep mode of the Inofia air purifier provides the users with a good night’s rest while breathing clean air, without disturbing machine noise.
  • Office: Set a timer for the inofia air purifier in the office to ease you of worries whether you left the air purifier off before living your working space.

The Inofia air purifier series are currently available in four variants known as the following:

  • PM1619: The ideal product for small spaces because of its 11x7x13 inch product dimension and 600 sq.ft of area coverage.
  • PM1390: People who need the auto mode to help with the regulation of air quality will benefit from the PM1390 and its more area coverage of 800 sq.ft.
  • PM1539: Enjoy adjusting the wind speed with the touch of your hand with the addition of APP control on the Inofia air purifier model PM1539.
  • PM1608: Suitable for those who require to cover a larger area and packs more power in cleaning the air. The PM1608 is the largest and most powerful air purifier of the Inofia series, which can cover up to 1300 sq.ft.

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Inofia Air Purifier Reviews

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