Honeywell 16200 HEPAClean Air Purifier Review

Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks in America according to the information from the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. To keep the indoor air clean and safe to breathe, then to have an air purifier become inevitable; this helps to eliminate different types of particles and odors in the air, microorganisms, and chemicals.

Honeywell 16200 Desktop HEPA Air Purifier is highly efficient and proven to reduce 95% of all airborne particles such as dust, mold spores, pet dander, tobacco smoke, and pollen from the air. Honeywell 16200 Platinum HEPA Air Purifier also features an independently controlled ionizer with an extra cleaning power that freshen the air supply considerably. The intelligently designed Odor-Lock Filter Technology extracts household odors while the treatment provided by Protec Antimicrobial prevents the growth of bacteria and mold in the filter.

The Honeywell 16200 HEPAClean Air Purifier is also equipped with a filter indicator (electronic) which acts as a reminder that you have to change the filter. Honeywell 16200 HEPAClean Tabletop Air Purifier is suitable for tabletops and designed in a horizontal or vertical manner to fit conveniently in small spaces. The overall particle size reduction depends on many factors such as the quantity of air processed, the type of pollutant and pollutant introduction rate into the environment.

Honeywell 16200 HEPAClean Air Purifier

Honeywell Desktop 16200 HEPA Air Purifier can trap up to 95% of air pollution, and allergens, 2 microns and larger, from the air passing through the filter. Honeywell model 16200 does not only capture particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, etc., it also has a layer of activated carbon material that absorbs common household odors.

Honeywell 16200 Air Purifier Features



The reality of the situation is that the quality of air in the average home is fallen steadily and is reaching dangerous levels. Whether you choose to accept the fact or not, the air you breathe in your home tends to be much worse than what is available elsewhere. It is time to put a stop to this ugly trend with Honeywell 16200.

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