Green Air Purifier Reviews

Green Air is manufactured under the JB Innovative Products, Inc. – a company which came from United States, California and has been operational since 2006. Jonathan Barron-the CEO and President of Green Air distributes five varying models of air cleaners known as Green Air Classic, Green Air Pro, Green Air Deluxe, Green Air Encore, and Green Air Elite.

The Green Air Purifier series utilize the use of different types of filters to ensure that the air is free from airborne microbes and bacteria to promote a better living and working space for its users.

Mesh Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter, Charcoal Filter, and Photo Catalytic Filter are different types of filters integrated into the Green Air Purifier models.

  • The Mesh Pre-Filter works as the first barricade of cleansing and blocking particulate matter larger than 0.28. The Carbon Filter reduces emitted harmful gasses passing through the purifier
  • True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particulates and allergens in the air
  • Charcoal Filter works to purifying foul odors
  • Photo-Catalytic Filter attacks mold, viruses, and bacteria on air
Green Air Purifiers

Alongside the curated filters of Green Air Purifier models, is the large scale of space each unit can accommodate. Green Air Purifier can filter the air of a space ranging from 600 sq. ft. to 3,500 sq. ft.

Each series, aside from the Green Air Elite model, have an industrial option, manufactured specifically for use on spaces with no present individual which needs maintenance towards the quality of air.

Aside from the series full functioning unit, Green Air Purifier also distributes individual filters, which users can purchase once the built-in filter on their existing Green Air Purifier model needs a replacement. Certain parts, like the Green Air Pro UV Lamp, is also available on the company’s online store.

The company strives to provide affordable options of products while remaining true to its mission of delivering the best products and customer service to its patrons. A reflection of the company’s mission for excellent customer service is the creation of their online store which gives their customer the convenience of shopping for their needs without the hassle of visiting a physical store.

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Green Air Purifier Reviews

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