Fellowes Air Purifier Reviews – AeraMax with PlasmaTRUE™ Technology

Fellowes Brands is a world-class producer of home and workplace appliances such as Bankers Box, Fellowes Work Better, and Aera Max Air Purifiers. Founded in 1917, Fellowes has been operating for more than 100 years. It has 18 branches all around the world to reach out to people who need quality storage solutions, business machines, air purification, and mobile technology accessories.

Cleaning does not only mean wiping surfaces. Unknown to us, the air we breathe contains allergens, germs, odors, and volatile organic compounds. To address air concerns, Fellowes produces a line of air purifiers. AeraMax air purifiers clean the air through a four-stage filtration system that can tackle indoor air pollution. Among the air borne contaminants that affect our health the most are allergies and asthma which is the number one reason for doctor visits each year. AeraMax Professional air purifiers have been awarded a certification from the Asthma Allergy Foundation of America. This means that this product has been proven to reduce allergens from the air as well as other airborne contaminants. The AeraMax Professional also uses EnviroSmart 2.0 Technology which can detect sound, motion and air quality in the room to adjust its performance. The dual self-regulating and self-cleaning laser particles monitor the air quality in the room and adjusts to maximize air cleaning efficacy. You can leave the air purifier in the room and it will do its job on its own. With the EnviroSmart Technology, air purification is hassle free.

Fellowes Air Purifier Reviews

Recently, AeraMax released its PureView Technology. AeraMax air purifiers now have a display screen which shows the PM2.5 and PM10 particles going into the unit and the cleaning process. At PM2.5 mode, you can see how viruses, germs, and smoke are eliminated from the air. It also shows the quality of air and indicates the presence of volatile organic compounds and odors. The PureView display continuously reads the air quality of the room and updates you real-time of the cleaning process.

As proof of its commitment to producing world-class products, Fellowes was awarded the 2018 EID Excellence in Design Award for its Silver AeraMax Professional AM3 PC Air Purifier with Pureview Technology. Last 2017 it also garnered the European Office Products Product Design of the Year for the AeraMax Pro AM II. In all its products, Fellowes prides its AeraMax Professional air purifiers and Pureview Technology.

In line with its mission to enhance the sustainability of their products, Fellowes launched a SEED project. SEED represents Sustainability, Education, Empowerment and Duty. Every corporation must not only produce quality products, but must also give back to the community and the environment. The SEED project aims to reduce energy consumption and minimize waste by recycling. Equally important is the continuous education of employees, customers, and suppliers in the importance of making environmental choices. With every purchase of Fellowes products, you are assured that you are positively contributing to the sustainability of the environment.

Official Website: www.fellowes.com

Fellowes Air Purifier Reviews

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