Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier Review

If you live in an apartment where you definitely need fresh air. However, some situations make it difficult for you to get fresh air in your room. You may have a cat and a puppy in the house and sometimes a toddler might be around. All these look upon your aid for hygiene purposes. What if an accident occurs and they do their stuff in the house? It becomes hard right? What about a smelly tiny apartment? It feels bad when you take in that unbearable odor. Even when you maintain hygiene sometimes it is difficult to chase way the smell. If you live in an area where different allergens are leaked to your room you might want to make the air clear. There are high risks associated with impurities in the air we breathe in. if these impurities get into the bodies, they can lead to lung problems and asthmatic conditions. Some of the odors that may make you uncomfortable when home include the pet odor, dust, smoke from cooking, perfumes, hair sprays, tobacco or cigarette smoke, and fumes from the outside environment. These pose a great challenge and threat to your health. Not enough they push you to feel uncomfortable while home. However difficult there is a solution to such problems. Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier has been proven to solve all the problems related to odor and air pollutants within your home in a very interesting way.

Febreze FHT190W Features

  • This air purifier is designed in medium size; that is not tiny to fit the whole room nor too big to be excess. The tower size is just the best fit for controlling the scent if you live in a large-sized room.
  • The product is powerful in removing odors in the room, cleaning the air and refreshing the air with a clean scent.
  • The power consumption of Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier is star rated with a higher number of stars because it uses the most effective power usage.
  • The purifier is available in different colors. You can get the graphite grey color and white color for this product.
  • It is easy to control with manual controls that have easy-grip knobs that are easy to control.
  • There are replacement indicators for electronic filter and scent that help you to keep track of the condition of the air freshener.
  • It cleans the room from three cleaning levels hence ensure thorough cleaning.
  • The purifier has a scent control feature that enables you to control the scent intensity.


  • The Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier effectively removes the odor, purifies the air and adds some scent to the air.
  • The item is easy to use with a manual that easily directs you on how to use the knobs.
  • Due to its effective and low power consumption the Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier has been able to save on power consumption.
  • The availability of several colors enables users to choose the color which matches their rooms. This makes the room look nice and attractive.
  • The different levels of cleaning ensure thorough cleaning of the air inside the room and frequent cleaning of the automated process leads to effective results.
  • The item purifies the air hence helping reduce the disease causative agents that might be present in the room.
  • Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier has got easy to use knobs that allow you to decide the intensity of the scent hence allow each individual home user to make a decision.
  • The tower size is just the best fit for large-sized rooms hence no need to purchase several purifiers and the cost gives the value for money.


  • Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier might produce a deep scent that may make the room uncomfortable. This happens when the scent control knob is fully turned on.
  • There are some noises associated with the Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier as it propels the contents to the air for purification purposes.
  • It is stationary at one point and the fan can thrust the contents just around then the rest is distributed through diffusion. If it were rotatory it would have helped thrust the air fast.

Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier has offered the best services to many customers and most people like this product. It is healthy for you to keep off dust and other air pollutants off your body If you stay in a clogged room where fresh air is not the accessible purchase of this product will solve that. Think of the different things that have made your room produce some odor, they are all inferior to this great product. Talking of the wide variety in the market we have had the best experience with Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier and we recommend you have a taste of the great service from this beautifully made product. The quality of this air purifier is incomparable do doubt it was made using the best technology. It is environmentally clean with no side effects go the environment and your health.

This is the best size for your home and it will serve you for a reasonable amount of time. The cost of the product is just the exact value for money. There are different colors for you and the stores have a share for you. Make this purchase and you will not regret. Not at all. You will have saved your health risks and you will enjoy being home where the air is fresh. Most people who have purchased this have ended up coming for more; a clear indication that they liked that they like the product. Join the large population who are sensitive to health risks and have taken the front row in caring for their living environment by using Febreze FHT190W HEPA-Type Tower Air Purifier. You will be a happy breather!

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