Elechomes UC3101 Air Purifier Review

The air that you breathe contains numerous tiny particles, including harmful ones such as allergens, bacteria, germs, dirt, pet dander, and other nasty things that you shouldn’t be breathing. But sadly, so many of us have np otherwise but breathe in this dirty air every day. And even sadder is that these particles do affect our health. Thankfully, there is a cheap solution. Elechomes UC3101 Air Purifier is one of the best performing units in the market.

When our indoor air is dirty, we are more at risk of sickness and allergies. You, just like all of use, don’t like being sick. Cleaning up your indoor air has never been so easy.

Using an air purifier like Elechomes UC3101 Air purifier, you will have an effective device that costs close to nothing but if packed with numerous benefits and advantages. You can use it to eliminate any dirt particles from the air in your living space and have fresh, clean air to breathe.

What you get from the Elechomes UC3101 Air Purifier

First, this air purifier weighs just less than 19 pounds. That is quite a lightweight for an air purifier; you will not have a hard time carrying it around the house. The design of the unit is also quite simple and self-contained, making it easy to pick it up.

The several purification methods used in this device contributes more to its weight, so are the components.

When the air is sucked into the unit, it goes directly to the Pre-Filter, where all the larger particles are removed. Then the air flows through a number of other filter layers, the filters that break down the allergens, bacteria, germs, and other irritants, that are in the air, allowing the air to be clean and pure. Then the air is released into space.

The Pre-Filter is designed to get rid of the large particles from the air; particles that would affect other filters in the unit.
Through the use of sensors fitted across the purifier, the unit can detect the air quality in your living space at any time of the day. The sensors produce data related to the quality of air and then sent it to the device. Then, the purifier adjusts its fan to accommodate the quality of air in your room. There is not much to do with this purifier, just a switch it on and let it do the rest.

The timer feature can come in handy when you want to go outdoors but still want the device to clean the air in your room.

Elechomes UC3101 Air Purifier Features

Dual Sensors

The sensors allow the unit to do all the work for you. The dust sensor and smell sensor monitor the quality of air in your room, identify harmful irritants and odor, and automatically adjust the speed of the fan.

Smart timers

This feature combines quick purification and thorough purification, and you can set the timer between 1 and 8 hours.

Child lock

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the children when you live in the house. Setting the child lock mode, the control panel buttons are deactivated.

Remote control

The convenient remote control lets you control the air purifier from as far as 5 meters (16.4 feet) away. Just sit back, relax, and control your unit from the comfort of your couch.

Smart mode and sleep mode

You don’t have to waste time fiddling around with your device, simply plug it in and let it do the work for you. Smart mode purifies and deodorizes the air automatically, while the sleep mode turns off the light indicator, dims the touch panel, and quiets the unit’s fan for the perfect sleeping setting.

Extra-wide coverage

Having a big room? That is not a problem with Elechomes UC3101 as it can clean the air in a room up to 350 square feet. Thus, it is great for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, garages, and so much more.

1 pre-filter and 3-layer composite for maximum purification

The unit is a quadruple threat. It is equipped with 4 layer-of-the-art filters, which trap and eliminate up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, household odors, VOCs and PM2.5. It also works great with particles as small as 0.25 microns and larger. This feature makes it perfect for people experiencing asthma and allergy.



The Elechomes UC3101 air purifier is a great unit that will purifier the air in your living space for up to 350 square foot area, removing up to 99% of all airborne irritants. The unit is easy to use and maintain. The only thing you should worry about is the noisy fan, but you will get a hang of it as time passes. The indicator light is also brighter even in sleep mode, and replacement filters are not easily available. Despite those few downsides, this air purifier still offers value for money. It will make a huge difference in the air quality in your home especially during dusty months. It makes the air smell great and cleans the air faster.

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