EcoQube Air Greenhouse and Desktop HEPA Air Purifier

EcoQube Air is a new, innovative, desktop greenhouse built by the Aqua Design Innovations. It uses the state-of-the-art technology to cultivate plants, through its specifically-designed air filters, hydroponic system, humidifiers and LED lighting system, to name a few. It allows plants to grow indoors healthily by providing sufficient lighting, nutrients and air quality it just need. It transcends the capability of gardeners to grow plants by offering a new environment that can house and nurture plants in any given season or weather condition. With this new invention, it has given rise for a new ecosystem where plants can thrive and flourish undisturbed even under drastic conditions of its outside environment. EcoQube Air is the perfect shelter for plants with self-sustaining mechanism that fully utilizes its own water and air resources inside the cube.

EcoQube Air Review

EcoQube Air Greenhouse and HEPA Filter Air Purifier Features

  • Model size is 7 x 7 x 16 inches
  • It's glass made from premium plexiglass acrylic
  • Comes with mechanical and carbon air filters and humidifiers that safeguard the plants against germs
  • Comes with Basil or Mint seeds for starters
  • Allows up to 12 plants/ herbs to be grown at the same time
  • App-enabled programming of light conditions, including schedules, colors and weather functions, depending on the plant’s requirements
  • Uses dual fan air filters to control the circulation of purified air every hour


  • Simulate the sun cycle for the benefit of the user of the product
  • Influence the user’s own biological body clock to prevent insomnia, jetlag and seasonal depression
  • Easy maintenance procedures (e.g. drain spout for removing dirty water and easy-to-remove air filters)
  • Aesthetically designed to blend in any environment, whether be at home or at the office
  • Very energy-conservative for power requirements
  • Lesser problems due to the absence of soil (i.e. not messy) and to the type of glass used (no danger from breaking glass)


  • Not yet compatible for larger, flowering plants
  • Only recommended for green onions, Kokedama and small leafy herbs like basil, mint, and wheatgrass, for the time being
  • Use of fertilizer is necessary. Fertilizer compatible to EcoQube Air is soon to be available

Growing plants has never been this easy and very accessible. With less concerns on the current weather condition or season, and with low-maintenance capabilities, EcoQube Air has significantly changed how one perceives gardening. Away with the messy problems when using soil in planting, with looking whether it would be sunny or rainy outside, with the watering schedules every day and with concerning one’s self about the possible harmful agents that may come in contact with the plants, it does all the work while maintaining and ensuring the healthy condition of the plant. Also with Climate Change right on the doorstep, EcoQube Air serves as one, great step on how outdoor and indoor gardening can battle against such conditions. This is truly a great product that one must definitely have!

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