EcoQube Air Purifier Reviews

EcoQube is started by Kevin Liang using his experience working in an aquaponics farm where he learned that aquaponics technology can use up to 90% less water than the usual. What pushed him to develop EcoQube is the realization that the rapid increase of the world’s population comes with the booming demand for more water supply.

The brilliant concept of EcoQube is to mimic an actual aquaponics farm in miniature sizes perfect for your home. These mini ecosystems will reimagine your home into a natural habitat that your family can live in a far better quality of life.

From their pioneering product — EcoQube C, an aquarium and ecosystem in one — they grew their line into other home wellness products.

Their EcoQube Air is a beautifully designed desktop air purifier for your home and you can even grow herbs and other plants. This hydroponics greenhouse effectively improves air quality indoors. It also features a 3-step air filtration process that gets rid of dust and mold in the air thanks to the plants that take care of the oxygenation process. Artificial photosynthesis is achieved with full-spectrum smart LED lights included in the mini greenhouse so your plant can stay alive without sunlight and its circadian rhythm can help with insomnia as well. Their mobile app can be used to remotely control the lights.

They also sell accessories for their EcoQube C, EcoQube Air, and EcoQube Frame so customers can easily replace them and be assured that everything is compatible with one another.

EcoQube has achieved to perfection the idea to balance both nature and technology into family-friendly products for the home. They are made to be especially energy-efficient not only to save money but also help with the negative effects of electrical consumption on the environment.

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EcoQube Air Purifier Reviews

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