Colzer Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter Review

With all of us living in an era where the air is getting worse by the minute due to various emissions, we all need to figure out some way to keep pollutants out of our bodies. Although our nasal hair and keeps the bigger particles (like pollen) out, the finer particles do make it to our respiratory tracts. Thus, if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary that we invest in some air filter or purifier that keeps the air we breathe clean. One such purifier rich gives the best value for money is the Colzer Air Purifier.

Produced by the company ‘Colzer’, the purifier is one that has carved a name for itself among the rest if it’s counterparts. Capable of keeping the air pure in a volume of 8000 cubic feet, the purifier removes a number of impurities from the air, including smoke, dust, allergens, pet hair, etc. Now, although a number of purifiers are available in the market to choose from, this one is what struck me as the best (and I have not regretted my decision since) because of the following reasons.

Colzer Air Purifier Features

With an intuitive array of buttons that all but tell you how to operate the machine, the machine is very easy to operate. Having five buttons, namely filter reset, timer button, power button, fan speed button, and child lock, the physical interface also has an air quality indicator which determines how safe it is to breathe the air in your house.

As mentioned before, the purifier comes with a child lock, ensuring that it cannot be opened by just about anyone. Considering that children are the definition of inhibited curiosity, they tend to open anything and everything, to taste it, more often than not. Thus, if you have a newborn or a kid in your house, this purifier is a must-have, as it is completely safe to be around, and it also keeps the vicinity clean.

Now, when I first read the specs, it sounded like a bit of gibberish to me. So I’m going to elaborate a bit about what each of these things stands for in order to shed some light on what these mean before I go on to elaborate why these specs are good.

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. The number signifies the area the machine can effectively purify, in a short span of time. With a rating of over 194 CFM, the machine is one with humble specs, but it has managed to keep the air in my house (800 sq. ft.) clean, very efficiently.

The machine, as previously mentioned, has an air quality indicator which lets you know how safe your air is, to breathe. The machine also goes a step further and cleans up the air if it is unclean, if it determines it to be so, before you can come to any harm. It has three fan speed settings, and it employs the fastest and most rigorous one if it senses that the air in your room needs that, and the next lowest if the air is comparatively better, and so on.

One gripe a lot of us have against any kind of electrical appliance we buy is the noise it makes when in use. And from my observation, such noise is always unwelcome, except from a radio (I’m old) and a television. In the aforementioned gadgets, you literally pay for good sound. However, in other appliances, I feel (and you would agree too) that we could all do without the sound.

The Colzer Air Purifier proves to be of value with respect to this aspect as well. It has a quiet mode which makes a sound of just 28 decibels, which is less than the sound produced while pouring water. We can accustom ourselves to any kind of sound or smell, and learn to live with it, given enough time. But considering that we’re paying for a smooth experience, it will be ideal not to have to put up with any gripe at all; clearly the Purifier lives up to its name, and more, with respect to this aspect.

The machine comes with a user manual which is very illustrative in nature. With easy usage settings that is definitely no rocket science, the machine is extremely easy to use. If other doubts arise with respect to the machine’s handling, a video posted by the company itself, comes to the aid, thus making for a quick learning/rectifying curve.

Also, the question of how the machine needs to be maintained is one that needs elaborate answering. But for this machine, it is really simple. Just keep changing the filter every six months, and you should be good.

The Colzer Air Purifier has you covered in this aspect as well. It comes with a 2-year warranty which and an exchange offer up to two months if the machine acts up. They also give you your money back, for up to two months after the purchase if you feel the product is not as good as promised. The fact that the company is actually ready to give back your money speaks for itself, as not a lot of companies have the guts to do that. Everyone settles mainly for an exchange or replacement, and never for money-backs.

With a three-stage filter, including a true HEPA filter, pre-filters and an activated carbon filter which do an exceptional job at keeping the air clean, this is one of the best products out there in its kid, and you have no regrets on having bought this purifier.

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