Brondell O2+ Balance Air Purifier Review

The Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier is a portable device that has been developed with quality HEPA mechanical filters to achieve an adequate carbon filtration system which maintains a proper balance of air for good health according to the safety standards. This device has been designed for private use in residential homes or small offices, but it can also be used in laboratories within educational institutions and in the early childcare centers to ensure that the quality of air in these places is safe for everyone.

Brondell O2+ Balance Air Purifier

Apart from purifying the air we breathe, the Brondell O2 + Balance also performs functions such as eliminating odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may be present in our environment. Harmful gases can only be detected in the air with specialized laboratory equipment designed to test the quality of air. Without this equipment, there is no way to confirm that the air we are breathing is safe, which means people with respiratory disorder face potential dangers due to air pollutants. The Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier eliminates the need for frequent air testing because it is designed to filter your air to eliminate carbon and VOCs; its special functions also include the removal of odor. Carbon when present in the air displaces oxygen which we need to breathe in, and for this reason, we need more oxygen and less carbon in our living areas.

Volatile organic compounds are emitted from some chemicals which could either be in solid or liquid form. In many cases, only chemists who are experienced in detecting these gases can know which chemicals in and around the home are potentially VOCs. This Brondell air purifier has High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) mechanical filters which have the absorbency capacity to eliminate VOCs; this means you don’t have to acquire expert knowledge about air pollutants to stay safe in your homes. By placing one of the Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier units in different parts of your home such as the living room, the bedrooms, and offices, you are sure that the air in these areas will be free from dangerous air pollutants and repulsive odor. The Brondell air purifier can also be used in school classrooms, and in early childcare educational centers where this device can be placed in the playhouse for little children.



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