Blueair 505 HEPASilent Air Purifier With WiFi Review

The Blueair 505 HEPASilent air purifier is a blessing for people who are looking for utmost cleanliness and quietness of their rooms. In today’s world, dust and pollution have been increasing tremendously. It would come as a shock to you to know that your bedroom, which you think is the quietest and cleanest corner of your home, is not so in reality. There are lots of dust particles and other allergy-causing substances filled in the air of your house and they can cause severe health issues if not cleaned properly. This is where an air purifier Blueair 505 air purifier is quite handy for you. What’s special about this and why should you buy it.

If you are looking one of the most technologically brilliant and cleanest air purifiers in the industry, the Blueair Classic 505 HEPASilent air purifier with wifi is the right choice for you. This model is the successor of the Classic 503 and has been designed in such a way to purify the air in large rooms as well.

Blueair 505 HEPASilent air purifier

Blueair 505 Air Purifier Features

  • HEPASilent Filtration patented technology that captures about 99.97% of the dust particles, mold, pollen and pet dander in the air.
  • Advanced Particle Filter for dust and other allergens; compatible to be used with a SmokeStop Filter (should be bought separately) as well to capture smoke, bad odour, VOCs and the like.
  • Whisper-quiet operation with advanced filtration technology, which makes it one of the safest models for kids and people prone to frequent allergies.
  • Wi-Fi enabled; therefore, settings can be controlled and personalized with the Blueair Friend smartphone app.
  • Cleans and Purifies the air in rooms that are as large as 700 sq. feet, thanks to the three fan speed operation.
  • CADR of 400 cfm for dust, CADR of 400 cfm for pollen and smoke.
  • Can be used to track the quality and purity of indoor air on a regular basis, as this model is compatible to be used with the indoor air quality monitor (should be bought separately) from Blueair.


  • Sleek and stylish flip-top look.
  • Very easy to install as the instruction manual is pretty clear.
  • Filtration technology is one of the best in the field as this model uses advanced filter system instead of the conventional HEPA filters.
  • Personalised settings like child locks, fan speeds, night mode and other temperature settings can be done with a click of the smartphone, thanks to the Wi-Fi-enabled feature of the purifier.
  • Comes with wheels so it can be easily moved to different areas of your home, as per your convenience.
  • Works with a great deal of airflow efficiency; up to 5 air changes are allowed per hour.


  • Not easy to clean dust collected over a period of time, because it is quite difficult to open this purifier; the design could have included a removable cleaning pad.
  • Uses up to three Blueair Classic 505 filters every six months or so, thus making it a very costly model to maintain.
  • Though it claims to use whisper-quiet technology, the purifier gives out a loud noise while in use.

You don’t have to cover your nose or mouth the next time you clean your house! With the Blueair Classic 505, you will be surprised to find that your indoor environment is free of dust, pollen and all other types of allergens. People who have respiratory problems can benefit to a great extent when they have this high-quality air purifier at their homes. This is because the Classic 505 from Blueair uses advanced HEPASilent Filtration Systems, which aims at removing close to 99.97% dust particles from the air.

The result is that you get fresh and clean air around your home, which leads you to maintain a healthy life and stay free from allergies, rashes and other congestion issues. In this era of the technological craze, it is not surprising to note that BlueAir’s Classic 505 is Wi-Fi enabled. You can personalise the settings on the purifier according to your comfort, just with the touch on your smartphone. There is a dedicated app, Blueair Friend, for this air purifier, which helps you to control the settings accordingly.

Yes, this air purifier is quite difficult to open and clean the accumulated dust particles, which may hamper its performance in the long run. However, you can enter into a maintenance contract with Blueair and get your system cleaned thoroughly by professionals once a year, so that it runs effectively forever. This air purifier from Blueair is definitely going to be one of those investments that you will never regret in life.

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