Blueair Classic 405 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

With a 99.97% assurance of ridding away dirts and harmful bacteria, Blueair 405 air purifier is the perfect gear to enjoy healthy and worry-free days. It uses a filter technology made up of ultra-thin fibers to capture airbone particles triggering allergic reactions then produce a cleaner air to breathe. The Blueair Classic 405 efficiently traps all polluted air particles, from largest to smallest, while maintaining a quiet environment. It has huge capacity to catch these polluntants and still produce long lasting and purified airflow without sacrificing its performance. It is uniquely designed to prevent clogging and effectively advance peak filtration performance.

Blueair 405

Blueair 405 Air Purifier Features

  • HEPASilent technology - traps all airborne pollutants through its electrostatic and mechanical filtration, producing cleaner air.
  • SmokeStop filter with activated carbon for removal of odors caused by smoke, pets, food, and VOCs.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled - allows users to have total control over the product via its user-friendly app, Blueair Friend app (changing fan speeds, turning ON/OFF, setting child lock and controlling settings in night mode).
  • Tested and Certified emissions - tested by EPA Air Resources board for ozone emissions and verified by AHAM for a CADR: dust/300 cfm, pollen/300 cfm, and smoke/280 cfm in 434 ft² room.


  • A Well-Lit Control Panel: Bright LED icons make it easy to check the status of your air purifier’s filter, Wi-Fi connection, and operating speed.
  • It uses polypropylene which is environment-friendly and an antibacterial material which filters and traps bacteria and mold in the air but never grow their own.
  • It uses less energy with only 15-90 watts.


  • Require to replace Blueair 405 filter to get the best results

Blue Air Classic 405 is definitely something you can’t miss. Why settle for a product you’re not sure of? If you are looking for a purifier which has less energy consumption but with unbeatable capacity to eliminate ozone, let Blue Air Classic 405 air purifier do the job for you. Checking purifiers from time to time is definitely bothersome, but with this product, it’s just right in your fingertips. One simple click and you’re all set. And since it doesn’t produce unnecessary noise, you can let it stay in one place and enjoy most of your time for more important things or even spend more time with the family. How cool is that?

This is something that every household or office space needs. So for those planning to buy a purifier for health purposes, for work related stuffs, for family concerns and so much more, go for this long lasting solution and experience this low maintenance purifier that exceeds perfromance level.

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