Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator -10,000 mg/h Review

Everybody needs clean and fresh air. Whether for prevention of allergies or for relaxation, purified air is a necessity for overall good health. The Alpine Air ozone generator purifies, ionizes, and deodorizes the air inside the room, giving you the clean air that you deserve.

The Alpine Air ozone generator is a heavy-duty and multi-functional air purifier that creates ozone which sterilizes the air by breaking down odors, bacteria, and other contaminating agents.

Alpine Air Ozone Generator Features

  • Multichannel purification. The Alpine Air ozone generator makes use of different purification systems to give you the cleanest air possible. First, it creates ozone that breaks down microorganisms and micro pollutants in the air such as cigarette smoke, pollen, and mold spores. It also ionizes the air which also targets airborne allergens and bacteria. Because of this, the ozone generator also acts as a deodorizer by eliminating the bad fumes and odor-causing bacteria from the air.
  • Compact and portable design. This air purifier is smartly packaged in a portable size so you can bring it to use wherever you go. With its lightweight machinery and convenient design, the Alpine Air ozone generator can be brought to purify the air in your bedroom, office, kitchen, or in any space you desire.
  • Prevention of allergies and dryness. By removing the different airborne allergens such as pollen and spores, the Alpine Air ozone generator helps to prevent you from developing allergic reactions.
  • Prevention of respiratory and airborne diseases. More than removing allergen agents, the air purifier also combats airborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses. By using the Alpine Air ozone generator in your living space, you can greatly lessen the possibility of tuberculosis, pneumonia, influenza, and other airborne diseases.
  • Heavy-duty and powerful. The Alpine Air ozone generator is able to produce as much as 10,000 mg/h of ozone per use. This generator is powerful enough to cover large areas, such as offices and commercial spaces. The filter and ozone ceramic plates are made with high-quality and durable materials that can withstand at least 6000 hours of work. Thus, you can use this ozone machine on a daily basis without worrying about its performance.


  • Effective purifier and deodorizer. Using this ozone generator is a quick and efficient way to remove foul odors coming from various sources. Cigarette smoke, mold spores, gym smell - wherever the foul smells are coming from, the Alpine Air ozone generator is sure to eliminate it.
  • Can power through big rooms. You get your money’s worth when you purchase the Alpine Air ozone generator. Using this small and portable generator is enough to purify the air of large rooms such as offices, lounge areas, and commercial spaces.
  • Fast-acting. It only takes around 1 ½ hour to sterilize the air in a large, closed room using the Alpine Air ozone generator. Additionally, you can leave the generator for several hours for a much more thorough purification process.
  • Sturdy and low-maintenance. The generator is made with strong and sturdy materials that do not easily wear out. Even when you use the generator on a daily basis, there is no need to frequently change the filter and other parts. The quality and lifespan of the machine are not compromised.
  • Can also kill small pests. Aside from removing bad odors and airborne contaminants, the Alpine Air ozone generator can also kill small pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, or spiders. High concentrations of ozone are lethal to these pests. Thus, more than an air-purified room, you can also get a pest-free environment.
  • Quick and easy 1-year replacement warranty program. For any perceived issues on the unit, Alpine Air has a comprehensive warranty program of 1 year. If there are defects detected, the ozone generator is immediately replaced without waiting for repair time.


  • Must be used in an unoccupied space. While controlled ozone concentrations are safe to be exposed to, it is recommended to vacate the space to be purified to prevent any unwanted effects and reactions. This includes people, children, pets, and plants.
  • Needs around 1 hour to let air out the room. After usage (1 ½ hour), the purified room still needs to have the air let out normally or through an exhaust fan. This is to ensure that the room is completely devoid of ozone and sterilized of the unwanted contaminants such as mold spores and disease-causing bacteria.
  • Factory replacement parts are not available. Although factory parts are not available, filters and factory parts of other generators are available for purchase. Additionally, the brand has a comprehensive warranty program for any factory defects.

The Alpine Air ozone generator is a must-have tool for anyone who wants or needs clean and purified air. Because of its many ways of purification, you really get the cleanest air possible when you use this ozone generator for your home or office. By removing all the bad contaminants in your air, you can completely remove any foul-smelling odors and prevent the spread of allergies and respiratory diseases. You can also use the Alpine Air ozone generator to clean the air for a soothing and therapeutic environment.

Whether you use it for purification or for relaxation, you are sure to get your money’s worth when you clean your air and purchase this ozone generator. With the Alpine Air ozone generator, you can finally take a deep (and clean) breath

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