AirVita Air Purifier Reviews

Since the establishment of Airvita in 2003, the company had been developing its product suitable for family homes, with a clean and sleek design that blends well with modern homes. Airvita creates air purifiers and sterilizers to help customers have a pollutant-free environment and tools.

As a company which spearheaded the concept of efficient and environmentally friendly air purifiers, Airvita had manufactured six (6) types of air-purifying models. Each of its product built to suit certain needs and preferences of the customers.

Among the lineup of Airvita’s products, the earliest one if the Arvita Neo Gold was designed to purify the air and provide illumination with warm lights attached to the model.

A decade after its establishment, Airvita introduced the Airvita New S which was recognized by the Design Korea 2014 its outstanding design.

Airvita continues to push through, and later developed a car air purifier, created to cleanse the air and the harmful substance present on vehicles interior materials.

On the same year of the car air purifier’s introduction, the Airvita AEBALL was launched, renowned as the world’s first rechargeable air purifier. Modeled to have ease of portability, while integrating the classic clean design which is consistent amongst the company products.

In 2015 Airvita created Airvita Q and Airvita Days. Airvita Q is a plug-in type of air purifier, a small but powerful device which emits 2 million negative ions to help purify an area for up to 20 square feet; While Airvita Days is more reminiscent of a disinfectant, which sterilize common household items such as toothbrush, razors and other similar objects.

Lastly, is the Airvita Capsule 400, the latest creation of the company- An upgraded version of the late Airvita Q. It has the same compact, plug-in model but with two (2) times the power of purifying the air. The Airvita Capsule 400 is also designed for economical use, with the elimination of filters, creating an air purifier which is easily cleaned under running water.

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AirVita Air Purifier Reviews

AirVita Q Air Purifier Review

AirVita Q Air Purifier Review

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