Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator

The Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator is a machine that sterilizes and deodorizes the air in any room. This product uses timer and hold mode to clean the air in the room. By turning the dial to a specified period of time, the Aithereal Ozone Generator will release ozone to target dust, bacteria, virus, unwanted odors, and pollens. The ozone works similar to the ozone layer of the earth, which is act as a shield in the atmosphere against ultraviolet radiation. This ozone generator also traps microorganisms which causes unwanted odors or sicknesses. The Airthereal MA5000 is best used in unoccupied spaces or rooms. However, for a maximum of 120 minutes, the ozone generator can already clean the room, eliminate pollutants, and make it safe for occupation.

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator Review

Airthereal MA5000 Ozone Generator Features

  • Fresh air can be maintained in offices, stores, cars, kitchens, and restaurants with the commercial ozone generator of the Airthereal MA5000. It produces an ozone output of 5000mg/H to clean and sterilize the air within the room.
  • Since it acts as an air purifier, the Airthereal MA5000 eliminates dust, bacteria, virus, unwanted odors, and pollens. This product may be used in musty rooms, dusty basement, and pet areas. For kitchens where there may be a lot of frying or grilling, the ozone generator may also be used to reduce the smoke or smell of cooking. The product may also be used in smoking areas of an establishment to clean the room in between usage.
  • The timer may be set from 0 minutes to 120 minutes. The ozone generator is equipped with a dial which can be turned and set to the desired period of time. During that period, the ozone generator will work in treating the air in the room with the use of ozone. After the treatment period, the ozone will gradually convert to oxygen leaving a fresh and sterilized air in the room.
  • Airthereal MA5000 is portable because it is built with a rubber handle and weighs only 4.91 pounds. The ozone generator may be transferred from room to room, or from home to the restaurant. Even with one ozone generator, it can clean and sterilize a lot of places.
  • The Airthereal MA5000 uses low electric consumption at 110V or 60Hz. It is also made out of aluminum alloy for durability.


  • Easy to use. The Airthereal MA5000 is operated by turning a dial. The ozone generator may be set at an interval of 10 minutes from 0 to 120 minutes. The dial may also be set at Hold, which means that the ozone generator will continue to function until turned off.
  • Sterilizes the room. With an ozone output of 5000 mg/H as well as anti-oxidation functions, the Airthereal MA5000 is equipped with a powerful sterilizer. It can detect and contain tough odors and pollutants in the room. Not only will it cause fresh and invigorating ambiance, but it will also be good for the health. With the use of pure ozone, there are no harmful chemicals released in the room.
  • Product guaranty. The Airthereal MA5000 comes with a warranty and maintenance of 3 years. The warranty covers faulty materials and assembly of the product which may affect its performance. The user manual and power cord is also included in the package.


  • The Airthereal MA5000 can only be used in unoccupied spaces. Before it is used, no person or pet should be in the room. The room must also be isolated or closed so that the ozone would not leak. In case of small units or offices, this may cause interruption or delay during daytime because the occupants have to leave while the room is being treated.
  • The treatment of the room must be monitored. Since ozone is the pure form of oxygen, inhaling a significant amount of ozone may cause health problems. As such, the room must be secured and a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour after treatment must be observed before going back to the room.
  • The use of ozone may coincide with other compounds or elements in the air such as hydrogen, and may result to fogging or condensing of water in the room.

Using an ozone generator is great in extreme circumstances where tough air pollutants need to be removed. Having a clean and safe environment, free of pollution and dirt, is everyone’s dream. This could be at home or in the workplace. The Airthereal MA5000 uses nature’s own technology to clean and sterilize the air from common environmental problems. It assures every home of a healthy environment and every business of sanitized workplace.

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