Airthereal MA10K-PRO Ozone Generator 10000 Mg/H Review

Before reading on the guide, it is potent to note that ozone is a poisonous gas. For the ozone to be active and work properly, it should be in a higher concentration that is not healthy for animals and human beings. That technically means that these ozone generators should be used with lots of caution, and they should never be used near living things or people.

The Airthereal MA10K-PRO is an ozone generator that makes use of ozone to put out any unwanted odors at home or just any indoor space. The high-capacity generator is made up of a small rectangular box that does not have sharp edges. Ozone is unsafe to breathe, but this machine will use the same ozone to put away the strong odors while you are away from home.

The Airthereal MA10K is straightforward to use once you have mastered what you are supposed to do as preventive measures. One of the safety concerns that will be repeated throughout this guide is using the generator where there is no life. Always ensure that no pets or human is around when using this machine as it produces very toxic gases.

Airthereal MA10K-PRO Features

  • Small, portable design: The generator has a small shape that one can easily carry from one place to another. The metal shell has a handle at the top, making it easier to move around. The tank has 304-grade stainless steel, and it has fan outlets and inlets on both sides.
  • Control buttons: The unit has five control buttons that are found on the display screen. The controls will usually have a different color to set them apart from other areas of the generator. The controls are used for changing the ozone level, adjusting the fan speed, setting the timer, assist in switching to 24- or 12-hour modes, and finally switching the generator off and on.
  • 120 min timer: The timer on the generator is for safety purposes. It will switch off after the elapse of the designated time. From there you have to wait for around 30 minutes so that all the ozone reverts to oxygen, That is why it is advised that no children or pets should be allowed to go near the indoor space as the generator is functional.

Airthereal MA10K-PRO Benefits

The Airthereal MA10K-PRO is handy in several ways as far as your home is involved and they include:

  • Takes in "New house" smell: There could be harmful gases from new furniture, painting, and even the materials decorating your home. It is where the generator comes in handy as it will be used to absorb all these toxic gases. Before moving into a new house, make sure you deodorize the home to avert any risks from occurring.
  • Healthy environment. Lots of pollutants in the air will bring about illnesses and allergies to people. That is why you are asked to use it to purify the air around your home and protect your loved ones.
  • No mold. Molds thrive in musty and warm circumstances. Mold will ruin your furniture and house as well as your health. It is not healthy breathing in such particles. Ozone will help you out with that. The machine is responsible for the killing of the mold.
  • The number one function and benefit for the Airthereal MA10K is that it controls odor smell in your room or house. Ozone is known widely for being almost 100% effective in doing away with odor issues. Several customers reach out to the company saying how the idea is perfect as there are no bad smells like in an old apartment, in a boat, or their car.


  • Easy to use - by using the manual provided, you can use this generator very easily. Anyone can use it without the manual as long as you uphold the required precautions, and you are shown where to press you are all good. Many are the reviews streaming in of how previous users found the generator very user-friendly.
  • Odor elimination - well, the main reason for purchasing this generator is to put out a foul smell maybe. The generator works entirely, and after some time, the odor will be long gone. It does not matter where the odor is coming from or how strong it is; this generator has the power and capacity to do away with any odor as long as it is in an indoor space.
  • For small spaces - the machine is built to accommodate even the most miniature boats and vessels. That means that anyone can make good use of the engine and try to curb the problem at the moment.
  • Scent - the machine produces a pleasant smell after completion of the job to ensure your house is not left with a bad odor in whatsoever way.
  • Value for money - with this able generator, you will be sure to receive the benefit for your money. The machine will serve you very efficiently for a long time.


  • Harmful gases - one of the major problems with this machine is that it emits ozone, which is poisonous. Supposing you were using the device and decided to rush to a nearby home. The ozone emitted is responsible for clearing the foul smell in your home or car.
  • Displacement of people - with this machine, there is no way it can work if your family members or friends are around. That means you have to disrupt people as they carry on their daily activities.
  • Ozone is harmful to human health and animals - that is why it was said that when turning on the machine, make sure no living thing is near you. It also takes time to dissipate to oxygen. That means that you could be out for long hours, even though it is for your good.

Airthereal MA10K-PRO is a very useful generator. In the case there is any foul smell you can smell back at home, in your garage, or the car, then you now have a solution. The Airthereal generator will completely do away with foul odors and retain sanity back in the house.

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