Airthereal Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Reviews

Airthereal is solely dedicated to providing a cleaner and safer air inside our home. Since 2017, it has been their pursuit to create a line of air purifying devices and ozone generators to counter the worsening air pollution.

Their line of ozone generators varies from commercial to residential use. Ozone generators help get rid of unwanted odors and clean the air inside enclosed spaces although proper caution is needed as ozone can be dangerous to people when directly inhaled. They deodorize and disinfect the air to get rid of airborne chemicals that can cause various diseases. The ozone generators reverse the oxidation process providing a healthier air inside the home or your workplace and requires no human or animals be inside the vicinity during the cleaning process. Washable and reusable ozone plates compatible with their ozone generators and can last up to 5,000 hours are also available.


Airthereal Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Reviews

The “Pure Morning” 7-in1 HEPA Filter Air Purifier promotes a cleaner air of up to 99.97%, free from airborne particles and allergens harmful to people. They can also help with clearing stuffy nose and providing a fresher air for everyone. This is no ordinary air purifier as it is also designed with dandy smart features like its auto-acceleration every time it detects the air quality. The UV-C light and Anion function eliminates bacterias and viruses, prevents germ buildup inside the filters, and absorbs and captures harmful airborne particles. Replacement filters are also available when the ones that come with the air purifier.

Simply, having clean air is essential for the environment and everyone. Air pollution is a threat to our health and with cleaner air, chances of contracting illnesses drastically decreases. In fact, indoor air tends to be a lot more polluted than outside air that’s why Airthereal made it a point to revolutionize air cleaning.

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Airhereal Air Purifier and Ozone Generator Reviews

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