Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier Review

When you think of air purification, think Airfree filterless air purifiers. These are the best since they do not have filters that need maintenance by cleaning from time to time. They rely on a thermodynamic air sterilizing technology to clean the air in the room. This kills allergens and any other pest hovering in the air. Choosing the best Airfree filterless air purifier is quite a challenge but with this amazing beautiful Airfree T800 filterless air purifier, you have the most appropriate choice. To top it all, they cover more square footage than their common counterparts.

Airfree T800 Filterless Air Purifier Features

Airfree filterless air purifiers use a patented thermodynamics TSS technology to sterilize the air; heating water to produce hot steam throughout the room. For this reason, the purifier can cover a larger square footage since the steam spreads to a larger area. This purifier can cover up to 180 square footage, which is way larger, compared to other filterless purifiers or the common purifiers. More square footage coverage means more money in your pocket in terms of savings since you do not need air conditioners in those extra spaces.

The purifier is small and comes in a white color which makes it look so elegant and classy for mansions. It comes at just a small weight of 1.5lb which makes it so light to carry around to different rooms in your house. It is also rechargeable with a long enough cord such that you can easily charge it so that you can move it around the room and the whole house in total. This is very convenient when compared to other common purifiers that are mounted to a single spot in the house while plugged into the power source.

Unlike other common purifiers that produce fumes, this type of purifier does not produce any harmful gases that do not just harm the ozone layer but are also a risk to your health. Contrary to producing har4mful gases, these purifiers work to clean the air of these harmful ozone gases by the use of thermodynamics principles to heat water and produce steam. It also uses a little amount of power, compared to other common purifiers, making it friendly in conserving the environment. Research done in laboratories to test its quality shows that it reduces the ozone gases by about 26%. Environmental conservation is our responsibility and there is no better way to take part in this endeavor than having this amazing purifier.

Purifiers that come with a filter make it a little inconvenient because you have to keep removing the filter for cleaning, otherwise, it will clog with dust and dirt from the air. This requires the purifier to be maintained and repaired from time to time, and this a lot of money wasted. They cost you money since the filters may need complete replacement, after a short period. But an Airfree T800 filterless air purifier, on the other hand, needs little or no maintenance, since it does not come with a filter that would otherwise require maintenance and replacement going forward. This means more money in your pocket in terms of savings.

This purifier is the perfect definition of a flawless device and can guarantee you a 100 % efficiency since it has been tested for quality in ISO laboratories around the world. Compared to other common purifiers that are loud, this one is a complete opposite; it is so silent and you can hardly hear a thing while it does not its work. The patented thermodynamics TSSS technology does not only purify the air, it also kills the allergens and pests hovering around the room. This is very critical for people with allergies since you will be protected from conditions such as allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. It also comes in a distinctive design and color that blends with just any type of interior d├ęcor. Last but not least, it consumes considerably lower amounts of electric power. It does not produce harmful ozone gases, but instead, it reduces their levels, making it very friendly for the environment.



This purifier is recommended for every home since it does not just clean and purify the air in the room, but it also kills germs, bacteria, allergens, as well as mold and mildew. If you are allergic or have a condition like asthma, I am recommending you this purifier and I guarantee that those traumatic asthmatic attacks will be a thing of the past. You could also carry this purifier to your office desk. Besides, the purifier cleans bade smells that are not just irritating but are also a cause for asthmatic attacks.

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