Airdog X5 Filterless Air Purifier Review

Airdog X5 air purifier is invented to purify the air that revolves around our everyday lives. Filtering the air that we breathe is a beneficial undertaking because even the cleanest air that we see with our naked eyes is usually full of toxins, impurities and other bacteria’s that are harmful to us. The Airdog X5 air purifier primary concern is your health and nothing else. This machine allows you to put an end to breathing impure air and enables you to inhale good quality air better than any air purifiers available in the market today. In the process of purifying the air, it does not consume a lot of energy and its design is environmentally friendly. The need for purifying the air comes into the light because a lot of health issues are due to the quality of the air that we breathe today. We are not aware of the fact that the viruses, dust, and other impurities that we inhale are causing severe health damages.

However, while choosing an air purifier machine, one must be careful because there are different varieties available in the market today. And the risk is that these machines might cause you more harm than be of any substantial help to your health. All these reasons sum it up the importance of purifying the air in some way or the other, not only will they improve your health but also provide better odor of the space where you live.

Airdog X5 Air Purifier Features

  • Using an AirdogX5 is worth the money. The filter is reusable and is washable by hand. Airdog X5 is very cost effective.
  • The Airdog X5 uses the latest core technology that removes particles to the extent of 0.0146 microns than most of the other purifiers without the help of filters or other consumables. They make sure that they do not allow the polluted air to quickly make its way into your lungs and damage your health.
  • Airdog X5 with the wind filtration technology leaves no contaminants behind in the room.
  • Airdog X5’s design is world class. Its design allows it to fight the impurities found in the air. The aerodynamic addition allows excellent airflow that generates good quality air more quickly and efficiently by fighting over the pollutants found in every nook and corner of the room. Optimized Aerodynamic design is a world-class air purification technology.
  • In about 18-20 minutes, the Airdog X5 can clean a room of about 280-300 square foot. And without a doubt, it provides better filtration than any the conventional air purifier. They are known for removing 99.99% pollutants from the air.
  • It is a smart machine and very easy to function. In a click of a button, it can adjust itself to the necessity of the room’s air quality.
  • Airdog X5 indicates whenever the level of the pollution drops. It is a machine that keeps you updated on the quality of the air that you are inhaling.


  • Airdog X5 is a quiet but a powerful machine. It uses the world-class DC brushless motor, and the aerodynamic allows the device to turn 360 degrees.
  • Airdog X5 night mode is a plus addition for light sleepers. It keeps the air clean without having to make noise and lit up the room. It can hardly be seen or heard at the time of use.
  • Its design is superior in comparison to other air purifiers.
  • It is effortless to set the machine to get ready without having much difficulty.
  • It is noise free when in use.
  • It can adjust itself according to the needs of the room.
  • Airdog X5 can eliminate impurities down to 0.0145, and its screening in the laboratory shows that it can remove and kill the influenza virus.


  • The cord is short so that it may be of hindrance to some people.
  • The size of the Airdog X5 is more significant as compared to the other air purifiers available in the market.
  • Sometimes, the app for this machine does not work in iOS, and that becomes problematic.
  • Although it may appear cheap in the range of air purifier, these machines cannot be bought easily because of their price.

A lot of people today hire services intend for cleaning the household, and some spend a good share of their time sanitizing their surroundings. But with the introduction of Airdog X5 in the market, you can keep yourself away from all the work and pollutants just by purchasing the Airdog X5 air purifier. If you have the money and is looking for a good air purifier than the answer is Airdog X5. The only thing that you will have to do is buy and get the product home. Once the machine is ready, it will quietly and efficiently get its work done without troubling anyone. The Airdog X5 is not only for the regular home user but for many other places like saloon, mold and sewage neighborhood, polluted smoky air, basement, and most importantly, houses with pets, etc. it is built using the best wind filtration innovation. Use the Airdog X5 and experience the best air purifier. It will keep your lungs and your loved ones safe and sound from air pollutants.

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