Air Oasis AO3000 Surface and Air Sanitizer Review

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is often much poor than outdoor air quality. People who suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems often need something to help clean the air of any odors, and contaminants. The Air Oasis AO3000 Surface and Air Sanitizer is designed to kill many different contaminants in your home improving your indoor air quality

Air Oasis AO3000 Air Purifier Features

The Air Oasis AO3000 is the latest in a line of air sanitizers made by the Air Oasis company. Features of this surface and air sanitizer include

This air sanitizer uses Advanced Hydration Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO) by NASA along with bi-ionization technology to kill contaminants in your the area you want to clean. This air sanitizer uses no filters.

While the Air Oasis AO3000 Surface and Air Sanitizer sounds like the perfect solution to improve the air quality of your home or office space this machine only gets slightly above average reviews from people who have actually purchased and used this machine.



While the Air Oasis AO3000 does appear to be good at what it does, the main problem with it seems to be that it doesn’t do everything that it claims it can do. In addition, users may be somewhat confused as to the difference between an air sanitizer and an air purifier and therefore simply chose the wrong type of machine to meet their needs, hence some of the negative reviews. Hopefully this review will help you better understand the strengths of the AO3000 so that you know what you are buying when make this purchase.

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