Air Choice True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Stepping into your house at night and air doesn’t feel like what you were looking forward to can be a great disappointment. However, with the right device, it is possible to quickly change the quality of air in your private space. While there are so many air purifiers out there, not all of them meet the expectations. Air Choice air purifier refreshes your home’s atmosphere within a few minutes. It can accommodate a room as big as 495sq.ft and offers real-time air purity. What’s more, it comes with a beautiful design which blends with other decorative pieces in your house effortlessly.

Marspil Air Purifier Features

Air Choice Air Purifier Benefits

Air Purification

Air Choice True HEPA filter prevents accumulation impurities such as dust and airborne bacteria in your home. It gets rid of viruses, pet odors, mold spores, and bacteria. It does what ordinary cannot do; even some the cleanest houses have poor quality indoor air. This is usually as a result of the various products in a home as each of them releases little amounts of harmful chemicals, which can accumulate with time and cause harm to the people living in the house.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, most people get infections from indoor air. It is believed is indoor air dirtier than outdoor air. The Air Choice purifier keeps you and your family healthy by ensuring your home’s air if thoroughly cleaned.

Removes Trapped Cigarette Smoke and Tobacco

If one of your family members is a smoker, no matter how hard to smoke when others are around, some of the smoke and tobacco will find their way into the air. This puts other family members at risk of tobacco side effects leading to pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and ear infections. A purifier with HEPA filter combined removes these impurities leaving clean and safe air for you and your family.

Eliminates Radon Gas

Radon is one of the poisonous gases that can easily find their way into your house. It occurs when natural uranium combines with water, soil, and rock. It gets into your home or office via cracks on the walls or floor, spaces between electrical wires and pipes, or via sump pits.

Radon gas is linked to lung cancer and over 15,000 deaths that occur annually due to the disease. Having an air purifier in your house can save your life as it sucks the gas leaving your living space free of poisonous gas. It helps to prevent lung cancer.

Dangerous Insects Removal

Air Choice air purifier helps to get rid of insects that would be hard to remove from your home. These insects are dangerous as they carry germs and spread diseases. You do not have to use sprays to kill them, which ensures no additional toxins in your home’s air. These insects include mosquitoes, houseflies, and bugs. Air purifier gets rid of insects safely, unlike insects killing sprays, which sometimes have an unpleasant odor plus the chemicals they release into the air.



Nothing can beat air cleansing with Air Choice air purifier. It ensures no pollutants are in your home. However, vacuum and dust your house daily and smoke outside all the time. Also, take a shower and clean your pet and ensure the temperature in your house is reasonable. If you combine all these with a quality air purifier like Air Choice purifier, your home will be good to go.

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