Advanced Pure Air Newport ‘Ultra’ Air Purifier Review

The Advanced Pure Air Newport ‘Ultra’ Air Purifier is a sight for sore eyes as it provides the most state of the art features and performance. Its stylish and elegant design can easily blend well and harmonize with any type of indoor environment. This product is a creation of Advanced Pure Ai that is also renowned for their array of air purification products.

This particular air purifier boasts of advance technology as it comes with a top of the line HEPA filter with high performance that can offer as much as 99.97% of effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of dangerous airborne dust particles as tiny as only 0.3 microns. It also has an activated carbon which can help absorb dust, bacteria, and pollen.

Advanced Pure Air Newport 'Ultra' Air Purifier

The Newport Ultra Air Purifier can also eliminate all kinds of unhygienic particles around your home. As mentioned earlier, it can remove air pollutants, pollen, smoke, bacteria, germs, and even unwanted odors around your living spaces. Its carbon filter can absorb toxic gases, odors, as well as dangerous chemical fumes such as cigarette smoke and others.

The Advanced Pure Air Newport Ultra constantly monitors the quality of air around your home and shows it to you through its LCD control screen that is very easy to read and understand. Aside from that, the Newport Ultra is also remarkably quiet during operation. This way, you can look forward to the absence of any disturbing noises as it works as silent as a whisper.



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