Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000 Review

Those looking for a workhorse in an air purifier need look no further than the Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000. Sleek and space aged looks deftly camouflage the work the machine does in the background, and most importantly, it does it with a whisper silent motor that will make you think the machine is not even on.

Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000 Air Purifier

The Newport 9000 features a bright display of LED’s for functions and power levels. A small remote means powering the unit from across the room without needing to get up. The unit also registers when the filters need cleaning and/or changing.

The Advanced Pure Air Newport 9000 is compact but is powerful enough to clean the air of a large room of a home or entire small apartment. The powerful filtration system cuts out particles down to under .3 microns and removes almost 100 percent of the pollutants that can fill a normal home.



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