Advanced Pure Air Breeze 4000 Air Purifier Review

Advanced Pure Air has recently released the breeze 4000 air purifier which is designed to sanitize the air and create a cleaner and fresher environment. When set up in the home the product can suppress a variety of allergens including pet dander, dust, toxic air pollutants and more. Furthermore the breeze 4000 also helps to purify the air to the point where various household odors such as cigarette smoke, cooking smells and pet dander can also be improved. By installing an air purifier like this one in your home you can reduce the chances of various forms of mildew, viruses bacteria and germs as well as other airborne threats that can make their way through your home.

Advanced Pure Air Breeze 4000 Air Purifier

The Advanced Pure Air Breeze 4000 comes equipped with a true HEPA filter which is responsible for filtering out 99.97% of particles which are found below 1 ยต in size. It also uses UV light technology to eliminate microorganisms that can cause a variety of problems with allergies and health.

With its compact size the breeze 4000 air purifier can be made to suit almost any room. It’s portable enough to bring along with you to your workplace and light enough for easy movement throughout the home. The device also has a very simple operation with 4 main controls on an easy light up display.



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