Pure Enrichment PurePlug Air Purifier Review

PurePlug Air Purifier - Small Space Direct Plug-in Purifier Cleans the Air of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, & More - Ozone Regulator Designed to Completely Destroy Odors

Going into the winter months, air purifiers are a great choice for your home. During the upcoming months, your windows will be shut more. This leads to stagnant air. If you have pets then dander, hair, and other things will simply have nowhere to go. An air purifier helps to eliminate odors and get rid of allergens. The Pure Enrichment PurePlug Air Purifier solves one big problem. Most air purifiers are quite sizeable. They take up a large amount of room. An air purifier, well, basically, purifies the air that you breathe in, giving you amazing benefits and of course, safe and free from any sort of toxins.

PurePlug Air Purifier is actually a direct type of plug-in air purifier tested and proven to disinfect and sanitize the air. It is also effective against common viruses, pet odor, cigarette smoke, fungus, mildew and mold. It is pretty much portable and compact, so you can bring it anywhere you want.

PurePlug Air Purifier Review

PurePlug Air Purifier Features

  • PurePlug Compact Air Purifier features lower consumption of power, which gives you a worry-free continuous usage.
  • It doesn’t just mask the smell of the odor, but it destroys it in a complete manner. Thus, it gives you the freshest and cleanest air to breathe in. It was accomplished using the brand’s controlled Ozone output system. The ozone is the chemical-free type of gas that get rids of the bacteria and other chemicals within any room.
  • Inclusive of LED indicator light that can also double as your night light
  • Covers 30-100 square feet


  • Size does not keep it from performing wonderfully. Testing proved that it is effective in removing a long list of bacteria and allergens from the air.
  • PurePlug Ozone Air Purifier doesn’t just cover odors. A sign of any great product is that it doesn’t cover problems with fragrances. This product actually sanitizes the air.
  • It does not create an eye soar. Being able to be easily hidden means that this product will not be noticeable to people in your home. They will only notice the fresh air.
  • It works quietly. If you have used very many air purifiers then you are aware that some of them are extremely noisy. This product is so quiet that you will forget it is there.


  • Size is a pro and a con for this product. Since it is smaller, it is not able to clean your whole home or apartment


The health issue comes in when you use one large enough to cycle all of the air in your home. In this instance, an ozone generator removes all the good and bad bacteria from your home. That is why the PurePlug Direct Plug In Air Purifier is the perfect size. It is big enough to help purify the air but not so large that it creates a health issue. In my testing, it was a very effective way to get rid of pet odors, dander, bad bacteria, and make the air in my home healthier. Don’t wait. Get your home ready for winter. ? Live healthy, breathe in the freshest and cleanest air, get your very own PurePlug Air Purifier from Pure Enrichment now.

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