LG Air Purifier Review

The quality of indoor air makes a significant impact on your overall health. Therefore, taking every possible action to keep our indoor air clean is essential. This is exactly why every household should have an air purifier. LG air purifier promises superb functionality and deliver better air quality.

LG AS401WWA1 Puricare Tower Filter Air Purifier with Smart Air Quality Sensor & Lodecibel Operation

LG puricare Tower air purifier comes with an elegant looking design; the tower design of this air purifier occupies significantly less amount of space. This smart space utilization is really handy for any household. The overall appearance of this product is compatible with any modern interior setting.

When it comes to the functionality of this air purifier, it has the ability of capturing really small airborne particles (as small as 3 microns). Moreover, it has a really high capture rate; the manufacturers claim that this purifier can capture 99.97% of airborne particles. In order to achieve better purification process, LG AS401WWA1 Puricare comes with a 3-stage filter system; this effective system ensures that it captures obvious airborne particles such as pet dander, dust, pollen and mold. By getting rid of such airborne particles, LG puricare Tower air purifier can eliminate odor and potential Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

The overall operation of this LG puricare Tower air purifier is decently quiet. In fact, it operates with a low noise which is as low as 20 decibels. 20 decibels is a really low amount of noise (which is somewhat similar to a whisper).

LG Air Purifier - LG AS401WWA1 Puricare Tower Filter Air Purifier

This smart air purifier comes with a vital feature to notify the existing air quality of the room. It has an LED light system that works as a visual indicator of the level of the air pollution. Apart from that, it is equipped with a precise digital display that measures the amount of indoor airborne particles in real-time.

This LG AS401WWA1 Puricare air filter is good enough to address an indoor area up to 217 Sq. Ft. The manufacturers of this product have added a touch control in order to facilitate a better user experience. With this touch control system, you can switch between the fan speeds (three fan speeds and a turbo mode). Apart from multiple fan modes, this product comes with three operating modes; depending on your requirement, you can switch between auto, manual and sleep mode.

You can easily identify the requirement for filter replacement because of the integration of differently colored filter rims. On top of all those features, this product comes with Energy Star rating; that assures really efficient energy consumption.


  • Digital display indicators for better accuracy
  • Convenient touch controls to change fan speeds, operating modes and set timer
  • Child lock feature


  • It can be too large for compact-sized, congested indoors