IonFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Review

ionFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer

There are germs everywhere, especially in the air we breathe. While most people are conscious of the danger of germs in the atmosphere, they are helpless as it looks like nothing can be done to stop it and we are all left at the mercy of what may happens. But this is unacceptable for some people and efforts are being made daily to find a better way to breathe air free of pollution. The result of such effort is the production of an air filter, IonFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer, which purifies the surrounding air making it cleaner for us to inhale and stay safe.

IonFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier is an air filter, which purifies surrounding air to make it safer for breathing. It comes with negative ions that attach to odors, bacteria, cigarette smoke, dust and all pollutants, weighing them down to allow IonFresh to trap them all in its stainless steel collection panels.

ionFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier

The ionFresh Permanent Filter uses cutting edge plasma technology (using electrical currents) to create fresh, ionic air free of pollutants.This product, is a step above competition, keeps the pollutant in a washable filter after had trapped and weighed down every filth in the surrounding air so the pollutant are unable to move freely in the air, thereby allowing you to breathe easy in your own home.

IonFresh Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Features

  • Fresh Breathe: the product is designed to clean your indoor air and give you quality and fresh air to breathe
  • Cost effective: the product is filter-less, thus saving you the money you could have otherwise spent on replacing filter
  • Eliminates irritants: Its negative ion technology helps to remove bacteria, allergens, dust, smoke and more from the air, allowing you to freely breathe clean air
  • Reduces electrostatic build-up: The product uses anti-static probe to remove electrostatic build up in your room, making your electronic gadgets running smoothly


  • Great Performance: The product’s performance is top level and highly commendable
  • Quiet: Unlike similar products from competition, IonFresh air filter is noiseless
  • Very handy: The handy size is a big advantage. Its small and very efficient


  • Bad Smell: The burning-like smell not good enough


The proactive addition of negative ions to balance out positive ions is a great value addition to Ionfresh Air Purifier. Too much of positive ions are dangerous to health as they reduce mental clarity and inhibit lung function, but introduction of negative ion flow make the product design very appropriate for home use. Additionally, the anti electrostatic build up offers double benefits of keeping your electronic devices such as computers, tablets, sound system etc safe and lasting.

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