How to Use an Ozone Generator Safely and Correctly

An ozone generator takes in air, which then passes through a region of electrical discharge that turns carbon dioxide into O3, otherwise known as ozone. Ozone is used to clean the air and remove issues such as odor from smoke. It can also kill various types of bacteria. It doesn’t stay in the area very long afterward, and fast decays into what is called diatomic oxygen.

Ozone, however, is dangerous if used improperly. If it is breathed in, it can cause your lungs to be unable to process air, plus it damages the inside lining of the lungs, making them inflamed, swollen and produces a burning feeling. Even with this possible danger, an ozone generator is one of the best purifiers in existence and if there is a good reason to use it, it can be used in a safe fashion. Therefore, you have to learn how to use an ozone generator safely and correctly.

Using An Ozone Generator

First off, if you intend to use an ozone generator, you need to read the instruction manual carefully. Firstly, prior to using one you have to ensure there are no people or animals in the room or near the room that could be harmed. You also need to take metal and paper items out of the area, as it can also damage those. Or, they can be covered up while the ozone generator is used.

If the generator has a timer, it’s best to set the timer so you know when it’s safe to return to the room. You shouldn’t run an ozone generator for over six hours or it can actually damage the house. After usage, you can’t return to the area for about six hours, or if you are running the generator in the entire home, you have to stay away for about 30 hours. It takes this amount of time for normal oxygen to fill the area.

One of the other things about an ozone generator is that it leaves a lingering strange sort of odor in the area where it was used. Plus, you have to make sure the size of the generator is appropriate and not too large or too small for the area you want to purify. For instance, the normal suggestion is to get a generator that puts out around 10,000 mg an hour for each area up to 1,500 square feet you need to purify.

For another thing, you can’t expect to use just an ozone generator to clean the air. You also need to do normal cleaning procedures like vacuuming, and getting rid of things like pet smells or smoke pollution (i.e. film on curtains or walls due to smoking) with special removal products.

Ozone Generator Demonstration

The proper usage of an ozone generator is dependent on how much ozone it generates. It’s best to buy a small unit if you plan to use it in a home vice a commercial building. You must respect ozone since it is a potentially dangerous product. Don’t overdue the process and it is safer to do the purification in stages instead of doing it several hours all at once. This can also help you not to have as much of the lingering ozone smell that can occur after usage.

It is best to do the purifying in stages. For instance, use the ozone generator for an hour or so, then check back to see if the offending odors in the area are gone. If so, you don’t need to risk running it longer, but if not, you can try it for another hour or so and then check once again to see if the odor is gone. If it is warm outside, you should also run your air conditioner because warm air hinders the production of ozone, and high humidity does as well.

Ozone an also get rid of pollen, allergens, mildew and mold. It can even get rid of horrible smells like skunk odor. However, you also must run an air purifier with a HEPA filter in order to remove the particulates from these substances. The ozone generator must be operated for about four to six hours to kill mold, but if you don’t find the source of the mold it is a worthless process, as the mold will return. So be sure to also get rid of the problem that caused the mold to form.

The bottom line is that an ozone generator is a very efficient machine for getting rid of odors like pet and smoke contamination, as well as removing other issues like mold, mildew, allergens and pollen. However, if not used properly ozone is a very dangerous product and can injure or kill any living thing such as people or pets. You must read the operating manual on your ozone generator and always use the proper size of machine for the size of the area to be purified and cleaned.

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