How To Remove Smoke Residue From Walls

Smoke and soot can spread throughout the entire property of the house especially on the walls. Dismissing the smoke residue would take time and could irritate your system. Patience on this matter is a must. Using a specific cleaning method will help salvage as much wall as possible. Scrubbing the walls can be tricky because it must be treated gently, putting too much pressure will result to disperse.

How To Clean Walls From Cigarette Smoke

How To Remove Smoke Residue From Walls
  • Trisodium Phosphate is the best cleaner for smoke-damaged walls while Chemspec Smoke-Solv Liquid Wall Wash is specially formulated to remove soot and smoke residue from walls and hard surfaces. Baking soda mix with water, ammonia and vinegar are used for mild stains, as well as Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover.
  • Prepare all the tools needed such as vacuum cleaner, natural sponge and cleaning clothes. Two buckets, one for the cleaning solution and second for clean water used in rinsing. Wear old clothes, a masks to avoid inhaling the chemicals, safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves.
  • Place an old cloth on the floor to avoid transferring stains and residues to the carpet or textiles and will help to absorb water.
  • Start cleaning from the top and work way down on the wall. Begin with a mild solution of water, vinegar, ammonia and a paste of baking soda, and if the residues can't be removed then proceed with the best solution of Trisodium Phosphate. Used the vacuum cleaner first, move it to and pro. Residues that can't be removed by a vacuum cleaner should fall onto your cleaning clothes or sponge. Used the clothes or sponge as gently scrub the wall repeatedly and work all the section, don't let unaffected area remain as it is for it may result to difference in color. Repeat the process until no residue left on the wall. Lastly, rinse with clean water.
  • After cleaning the walls, the odor will remain. Used detergents to remove odor on the walls, do it with soft stroke and work it on all the area of the wall then wipe it with clean water. Repeat the process as needed.
  • If the odor is still lingering, then use a smoke air purifier. Simple way to purify air is by just opening the windows. However, air purifiers are the best machine to remove smoke odor at home as Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier and Winix PlasmaWave 5300. Purifying air from smoke in your home or office is important to minimize the risk of breathing thirdhand smoke that we could found in the paint on the walls, carpet, and even the fabric of the clothes.

Facts and Ideas

  • Severe soot damage on walls or ceilings are recommended to be replaced.
  • If the smoke residue is still visible after this cleaning process, you will likely need to repaint the walls. However, it is important to make sure they are as clean as possible before you do so.
  • Beware that Trisodium Phosphate can have irritating effects to skin and eyes. Wash immediately if the chemicals contacted your body.
  • Smoke residue can be a health hazard when it enters a person’s respiratory system.