How To Get Smoke Smell Out of House Fast

If you are a smoker, you live with a smoker or you just relocated into a place that reeks of cigarettes or marijuana, there are certain things you should know to get smoke smell out of house.

As for beginners you should understand and know that spraying the room with air fresheners, burning of incense or using scented candles will only calm the odor temporarily. Opening the windows for proper ventilation will only help you to dilute the smell, but that will also work temporarily. Cigarette and marijuana smoke is one of the worst imaginable smell, the smell is not a quaint smell like a wood furnace. It gets into everywhere, everything and even in the smallest hole in the house.

To get smoke smell out in your house or apartment, you must remove the source of the problem, smoke particles can be smaller than one thousandth the width of human hair, this means smoke smell can penetrate almost any surface in all the corners of the house. Even if you are not a smoker, it is possible that smoke got into there somehow. Tobacco smell is very fast in circulation. If you live in a building or condo, the smell can come from other tenants; the smell can travel through ventilation systems, pipe shafts or cracks in the wall.

How To Get Rid of Smoke Smell

  • Open the window for proper ventilation. Turn on the fans; this is the first step in getting rid of smoke smells from household surfaces
  • Wet a dish towel with vinegar and wave it around for some minutes. This will help reduce smoke smell, because smoke smell is caused by left over resins and tars, vinegar. This is the best way to eliminate smoke smell, even though vinegar smell is not as strong as that of cigarette smoke but vinegar helps diminish it.
  • Disinfect and wash the interior walls and hard surfaces with mild soap and cleaning agents and don’t forget to clean all the closets
  • Absorb smoke odor with some set bowls of vinegar filled with kitty litter or baking soda around the whole corner of the house
  • Repaint the whole building. Change the carpet, as you know it is very difficult to remove smoke particles from it. Scrub the floor thoroughly before placing a new carpet
  • Soak all blinds in the bathtub full of multi-purpose cleanser, scrub and dry. Give the curtains to professionals for laundry and if possible change them
  • Change the light bulbs in order to dispense the aroma of the scented oil. Wash windows to get rid of smoke because the heat that comes from the sunshine can disperse the smell throughout the house
  • Use a dry cleaning sponge to remove smoke residue from the ceiling, floor or tiles. Replace the heating and air filters as they are tend to harbour irritants and odors
  • Use air purifiers for smoke is one of the best ways to get rid of smoke smell. It turns out that when the doors and windows are opened for the whole day, it will help get smoke smell out of the house

Smoke Smell and Odor Removal

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of House Fast

You don’t have to be fooled by the adverts or claims of some odor removal. If the said odor removal does not have cleaning agents in it, then it cannot get rid of smoke smell. Some deodorants are scent generators which can only be served for masking smell. Once you take these deodorants out of the house, you will then notice the smell of the cigarettes again.

There are some chemical compounds present in some removal called cyclodextrin. For a very long time, this chemical content has been confirmed for custodial cleaning products. The substance looks like sugar, but does not clean the odor, but acts as absorbent just like baking soda to help soak the odor out

If anything should be recommended that is easily accessible, it should be activated charcoal. Charcoal is not only used in the filtration of water but it can also be used for soaking up odors, just the same way as baking soda. Any odor removal that has charcoal as part of its ingredients is likely to be a good odor removal.

If you have tried all your possible efforts to remove smoke smell and nothing has changed, it would be a good idea to try washing the walls and ceilings. Try as much as you can to mix up one gallon of warm water, half cup of ammonia, half cup of vinegar and one quarter of washing soda. Work your way up by cleaning to make sure there is change.

You can also try an ozone generator. This will apparently get rid of odor you can think of. If the odor has been left for long, take the responsibility of the danger it might cause to your health. So you should make sure air comes out of the house after applying this because ozone is very dangerous to the lungs when inhaled

Natural odor cleansers and removing agents are good idea. To get rid of smoke smell in an eco-friendly way, it would be advisable to make use of cleaning products found in the organic and natural food sections of local grocery shops or stores. Sometimes these products work just like branded chemicals